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Ornico Media Monitoring tracks company coverage trends

Ornico Media information, a company supplying brand intelligence to the marketing and advertising industry, has developed an innovative product called Ornico ImpacTrac. This is a locally developed product that monitors, evaluates and informs the client of all the brand activity within the editorial environment.

This first of its kind tool includes broadcast, print and the Internet and allows marketers and marketing intelligence divisions to evaluate their brand and react to any negative or even positive publicity their brand receives. Ornico can supply this information daily or can alert the client when there is negative publicity. It also allows marketers an upper hand in observing their competitor brands in order to understand the landscape they were competing in.

Ornico ImpacTrac revealed interesting findings in its latest print evaluated on the asset management sector between March 03 - April 04:

  • They have found that Investec Asset Management has received the most coverage, with 620 articles valued at R2.6 million; 2nd is Old Mutual Asset Management with 475; and 3rd Allan Gray with 354. Their values were R2.17 million and R1.83 million respectively.
  • ImpacTrac also establish that 50% of Investec and OMAM's values have come from the FM, Sunday Times and the Business Report, whereas Allan Gray gets 56% from FM, Sunday Times and Financial Week. Most articles in the asset management industry were written by Business Day (354), Business Report (314), Sunday Times (305), and Citizen (295).
  • The most interesting fact was the percentage of negative bias per brand. It was found that Sanlam had the most negative number of articles written. They had 5.6% of the articles that were published, deemed to be negative publicity. The least number of negative articles was for Franklin Templeton, who received a no negative publicity.
  • "A company's branding and consumer image within the editorial field is just as important as it is advertising campaign, any negative publicity can effect the value of the brand," said Oresti Patricios of Ornico Media Information.

    ImpacTrac is just another weapon in the growing arsenal of tools that Ornico Media information has for Brand Intelligence.

    Ornico provides brand, media and reputational intelligence and research to provide an independent view of brand performance. Gain the competitive edge by making strategic marketing and communications decisions to outsmart the competition.

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