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Top 3 beauty and personal care shopping trends

The 2021 shopping season has continued to highlight the trends that have characterised beauty and personal care consumption since the pandemic in 2019.
Source: © goodluz
Source: © goodluz 123rf

Research by Nielsen IQ in the US has found, with restrictions on work and leisure time and consumers making their physical and mental wellbeing a priority, three main trends this festive season.

Forward-thinking values

Adopting an “if it’s better for we, it’s better for me” mindset, beauty and personal care shopper have heavily shifted toward clean products that meet niche need since 2019. This includes products free from harmful ingredients, sustainable brands that promote ethical business practices, and recyclable/reusable packaging.

A cohesive, omnichannel experience

Today’s beauty shopper is looking for a highly personalised and convenient experience. Shoppers want to be presented with exactly what they’re looking for and then have the ability to purchase products with a click of a button.

Depicting a massive shift towards ecommerce, the omnichannel landscape has especially accelerated within beauty and personal care - 63% of consumers made purchases across the omnichannel landscape in September 2021 versus 46% in September 2019.

Communication is everything

As ecommerce newcomers and veterans increased their focus on online shopping, consumers’ familiarity with online shopping features grew in tandem.

We can only expect this trend to continue in our increasingly digital world. Manufacturers and retailers must stay in-tune with consumers’ demands and clearly communicate the benefits their products provide on packaging and within online search data.

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