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Promotional marketing: Having customised mugs that are filled with impact

Coffee mugs are one of the most popular promotional items, and they can be customised in a myriad of ways. However, those that don't make an impression on recipients often get shoved to the back of the kitchen cabinet. The best way to maximise your customised mugs is to make them stand out, either through design, functionality, or printed message. Here are five great ways to make most of your promotional mug investment.

Choose quality

The standard white mug will make less of an impression than a hand-thrown pottery mug in earthy colors hand-stamped with a company logo. Sure, these will more expensive to buy, but you can also offer them to clients or guests at a cost that will recoup your investment. If you have a storefront, a lovely stack of branded mugs at the front desk can be both eye-catching and lucrative.

Consider shape

Most white mugs hold about six ounces, which isn’t much in the world of 24 ounce lattes from coffee chains around the country. If you think outside of the box and choose a larger mug or one with a different shape, your customised offering will stand out in a sea of other, bland cups. Tall, thinner mugs can hold up to 16 ounces and feature more real estate on which to print the message. Curvy mugs that fit in car cup holders are particularly helpful and much more likely to be used long-term.

Pick your message

Your mugs can be as colorful as your imagination can take them or just feature a snarky, black-and-white message. Either way, you want the wording or logo or company name to be easily read. Funny messages are very popular, and you get bonus points if you can work your industry or company name into the joke. Vintage designs and altered song lyrics are also popular design choices.

Use them yourself

The best way to create a desire for your customized mugs is to use them yourself. Take them with you wherever you go and put a supply in the company breakroom. Give them to employees and encourage them to take them out on sales calls with them. You might even consider travel mugs instead of traditional ceramic versions. That way, you, your employees, and mug recipients will share your message with member of the public every day.

Give them away

If you’ve spent a decent amount of money on the cups, you might be hesitant to give them away. But do it anyway. People love to receive functional gifts that are free, especially if the timing is right. If you are hosting a conference that begins early in the morning, serve coffee in the foyer and stack a pyramid of your mugs next to the carafe. Or, take mugs with you on client meetings. Leave one in the company breakroom of an office you visit regularly. The investment can’t pay off if you don’t spread the love.

Custom mugs are a popular and functional promotional item. These tips should help you maximise your return on the investment while also creating a favorable option of your brand.

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