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Places you probably don't want to travel for Christmas 2016

When you work hard all year long, it's nice to have a few days off during the Christmas break, especially if some of them are paid. This is a great opportunity to take a short vacation, particularly if you live in a cold region and would like to get some sun.

However, Christmas is the travel industry’s busiest time of year. Just because you can travel somewhere doesn’t mean you necessarily would want to.

Problems with holiday travel

First, the busiest holiday travel of the year means a lot more people at every destination. You can forget about a quiet, relaxing vacation on the beaches of Hawaii during Christmas. There will be people everywhere, so if it poses a problem for you, it’s best to stay away from the most popular locations.

In addition, the huge influx of people can cause major problems for flights and travel arrangements. Delays, overbookings, bad weather, and other unforeseen circumstances can put you out without a refund.

Worst destinations for Christmas 2016

For some, the risk of cancelled travel plans and overcrowding is simply too much to take. If that’s you, avoid the following destinations this Christmas.

Disney parks

This is definitely a magical experience over the holidays, but it may not be worth it to visit any Disney locations. Hotels, flights, and more are already overflowing with bookings for every day of the Christmas break.

The week leading up to Christmas and the one after are the parks’ busiest times of the year. Wait times for rides can be well over an hour. For many, it’s not worth the hassle for all the money you’re paying.


Trips to Mexico over the Christmas break are growing in popularity, but there’s only so much beach space available. Finding accommodations in the country’s busiest vacation spot will be difficult, and bar and beach space will be just as hard to find.

Fort Lauderdale

Not only is this the most popular port of call in North America for cruise ships, but it’s also home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast. Finding an open space on the white sandy beaches for your family will be nothing short of a miracle. It’s less busy over Thanksgiving, so if you’re hankering for a Florida trip, Fort Lauderdale is a better option in November than December.


Thanks to the majestic Rocky Mountains, Colorado is a popular Christmas destination. It has some of the best skiing in the country. To many Americans, the thought of a cozy ski trip in the Colorado mountains is terribly charming, but the crowds and travel jams can make it unpleasant for holiday travelers.

Best destinations for Christmas 2016

It’ll be busy no matter where you travel for the holidays, but certain destinations will be less crowded than others. Here are some excellent trip ideas for December.

Puerto Vallarta

This incredible Mexican beach town is warm, inviting, and inexpensive. Tourist season for Puerto Vallarta doesn’t technically begin until January or February, so travelling there during Christmas is a great way to dodge the crowds and enjoy some Christmas tacos. For an amazing and unique Christmas experience, try parasailing over the beautiful, clear water.


Here’s another place to spend a low-key holiday. Ambergris Caye/Caye Caulker is a balmy 81 degrees for most of December, and the village feeling is cozy. Don’t worry about language here, because most people in Belize speak English as well as Spanish. Check out the nurse sharks and manta rays in Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley.


Most locals seek to get out of the windy city during Christmas, which makes it the opportune time for you to visit. You’ll experience fewer crowds and a quality vacation. Chicago is a beautiful destination for Christmas, with ice-skating rinks, lights across the city, and Christmas productions to enjoy.

New York City

Here’s another prime destination for the holidays, though this vacation will be more expensive than some of the others here. Rockefeller Center and Times Square are wonders to behold during Christmas, and the snow is beautiful. NYC will always be crowded, so if you’re going to travel there, you might as well go during the gorgeous Yule season!

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