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Lewis & Tucker on why you need a chartered surveyor

Not a lot of people are familiar with the term, "chartered surveyor". However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the term, especially if you own a property. A chartered surveyor can help you to make informed decisions regarding financial investments and home renovations. There are many RICS-accredited firms out there like Lewis & Tucker, but it is imperative to learn about the process first in order to understand what it entails.

What are chartered surveyors?

In layman’s terms, chartered surveyors are professionals who appraise the condition and value of any physical asset. They can assess your house, property, or construction project. They can also help you to obtain planning permissions, renovate your property, or navigate environmental problems.

When do I need a chartered surveyor?

You will generally need the assistance of a chartered surveyor if you wish to find out the valuation of an existing project. They can survey and value buildings, land, or machinery and a professional will generally specialize in one of the three, so ensure that the surveyor you employ is an expert when it comes to assessing the asset you own. If you wish to survey a farm or a plot of land, make sure you get a rural surveyor. The evaluation of a building, On the other hand, calls for the services of an urban surveyor.

The services of a chartered surveyor are not limited to existing assets and can be hired for future projects. During the design or implementation process, a chartered surveyor will advise you on how to best to maximize the land, assist you with any relevant paperwork. They can also send condition reports for issues with the land or building that you wish to resolve and the costs that this would entail.

Construction is expensive and uneducated decisions can cost you valuable time and money. For this reason it is important to get a professional opinion before you proceed. While conducting your own research might seem a cheaper option, this is a likely false economy as you will not be able to use the same tools and resources that a chartered surveyor has access to.

Factors to consider

When you are looking for a surveyor, there are several things that you need to take into account, including:

  • Qualifications
    Check that they were able to complete the appropriate degree and that they are part of a professional body or organization. RICS accreditation ensures that they follow the code of conduct set by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. If ever you experience a problem with the person you hire, they will also be able to give the proper sanctions.

  • Experience
    An experienced surveyor will have a lot of experience, ensuring a quick and streamlined process. They should also be able to conduct a thorough investigation and explain the results to you in a clear, concise manner. An inexperienced one might not be able to deliver efficiently. It would be best to stick with someone who has gained a reputation for their excellent delivery.

  • Cost
    Each surveyor will have their own rates, but it will ultimately depend on the scale and scope of the project. The prices will also change depending on your location. Make sure to get quotes from different professionals in order to ensure you receive the most cost-effective solution. Four different options should be sufficient.

  • Location
    Ideally, the surveyor you require should be local - this will give them the prerequisite insight into location-specific problems that you might encounter. If they know the situation of the area, they will have a better idea of how to proceed. The more familiar the surveyor is to the conditions, the fewer difficulties you will face during the process.

  • Services offered

    Ensuring that the potential surveyor offers the services you require is of paramount importance. Check the degree of detail with which they survey and make sure you are confident that in the firm’s ability to finish the project on schedule.

As discussed, renovations and constructions represent big investments, not only in terms of money but also in time, and effort. Expert advice is necessary in order to avoid wasting your resources.

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