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Op-Ed: The pandemic is a massive opportunity for your SME - here's why

Sales drives your business. The more potential customers you can reach, the greater your chances of making more sales.
John Woollam
John Woollam
The ongoing Covid pandemic has opened up markets for SMEs that, without it, would have taken several more years to materialise. Thanks to the rapid digital transformation taking place as businesses have been forced to change their physical processes and infrastructures into digital ones, people have become substantially more used to dealing with other businesses virtually. And this is where opportunity lies.

Where many people have still preferred to meet new suppliers, or business partners face to face, the pandemic has changed our attitudes, and made it much more acceptable to deal exclusively virtually with business associates.

E-commerce has boomed as businesses have started opening up digital channels, and consumers and businesses have been using them much more than ever. Adoption has been accelerated by several years, a local report indicates.

This means local businesses can now reach a much wider audience, locally and globally, than ever before - thanks to technology.

Using their technology investments wisely, local businesses can take advantage of this and extend their reach and presence, seamlessly.

If you don’t already have one, you need to invest in a VoIP, cloud-based telephony solution like Euphoria’s. What does this offer you as a global-local business?

A digital receptionist who can handle all your calls - wherever they come from, and wherever in the business they need to go to.

A cloud-based PABX system which makes your landline telephone available everywhere you are (even on your cell phone), gives you insight into where your calls are coming from, how many are being answered (or not), what your outgoing calls looks like, your call costs, restricted dialling for extensions that are internally focussed, and free inter-branch calls so you can stay in touch with your colleagues wherever they are - at no cost.

Built-in security and access control that lets you manage which users can access which data and features in your telephone system. For example, to limit access to personal customer information or add PINs to extensions so only authorised users can make outgoing calls.

And, Euphoria integrates with line of business applications like FreshDesk, Microsoft Teams and Zendesk to help you seamlessly manage your business activities in one place.

We’re at a tipping point where the physical business world is merging into the virtual world faster, and more smoothly than ever. With the right technology partner, SMEs can take advantage of this and grow, even under tough conditions.

About John Woollam

John Woollam is the CEO of Euphoria Telecom.

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