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How to improve your employer branding efforts in 2023

The Universum data sourced from our syndicated survey for 2022 has shown a marked increase in a change of considered employers* among students, with less among professionals. What this means is that more student participants in our survey are identifying the Most Attractive Employers in South Africa across all our main fields of study i.e. Business/Commerce, Law, Sciences, Engineering/Technology; our professional participants the other hand are not seeing a lot of attractive employers, which shows that they have decreased interest through the main fields of occupation too.
Pabi Mogosetsi, Country Manager for Universum Global South Africa
Pabi Mogosetsi, Country Manager for Universum Global South Africa

With all the many trends that have come and gone, especially in the IT industry - where South Africa is losing more skills as we breathe. Change is constant. Diversity, culture, and values have become quite important to the South African talent landscape in general. Diversity, inclusion, equity, and the feeling of belonging are crucial factors to the South African talent population in general, with many students aspiring to be different when they enter, while ethical standards are still important to both groups.


Changing how you view your business and the people involved in your organisation. Your EVP and employer brand are your most significant assets within your business arsenal. Understanding how to leverage your people promise to make your people experience more inviting and more authentic to your identity will not only enhance your brand, but will ensure the correct people have confidence in it and help build and carry you further.


Data will assist in understanding the fundamentals of who you are and what the talent population think of you as an organisation. Simply putting your head in the sand and hoping for the best, or going with the good old tried-and-tested will not work this time; it will exacerbate and delay the actions that need to be taken to build a robust organisation with its own rhythm and corporate identity people can believe in. It is imperative to ask about the ways in which you are and aren’t viewed as an ideal brand, so it is objective and easier to work through the rubble.


Building on your successes and understanding how to move from that point by using data is crucial.

Understand how you are viewed so that you can make the necessary changes to build your employer brand to new heights.

Strategising HR by bringing ‘human’ back to HR

The pandemic highlighted the HR team's importance, especially with the right tools and support. They have been the backbone and driven the changes that brought individuals back to where they were needed while supporting them toward returning to the office.

Find your ambassadors

Celebrate your ambassadors! Highlight your people-promise and show that your organisation is not all talk without action. When you celebrate your people, they, in turn, celebrate you and appreciate your efforts for being with them and keeping them with you. Your people-promise (EVP) is important and affects everyone in your company and those who want to be part of your company.

In summary, do not shy away from being different and diversifying your skills and talents; who knows, your next job availability could be divided among individuals in your organisation or could be waiting for someone who already has the skills but is afraid to speak up because of red tape within the organisation. Simply, learn and grow!

*The considered employers are the number of employers in the most Attractive Employers in SA - meaning more employer brands need to be worked on.

About Pabi Mogosetsi

Pabi is the founder of EB Koach which offers employer/employee branding services designed to reshape, rebuild, and restrengthen your workplace culture, putting your people first while achieving your organisational goals. Pabi believes that an organisation should function as a living organism and should grow and evolve continuously, and strong employer branding is crucial in driving this evolution.

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