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Safari lodges offer clean air and open spaces as travel reopens

At last South Africans are free to travel all over their beautiful country again but where should they head to first? Business might be winding up again, but all the risk is far from past, so it makes sense to choose a crowd-free destination for your first trip.
Safari lodges offer clean air and open spaces as travel reopens

Safaris are the ideal travel solution for 2020

During the last five months, South Africa’s wildlife-rich areas have suffered tremendously under far-reaching travel restrictions. Several private establishments have shut their doors for good, some have miraculously managed to weather the storm.

Hundreds of people who rely on these lodges have found themselves unemployed or earning a fraction of what they normally do. Many of them have no idea where their next meal will come from.

Game guides, housekeepers, curio sellers, tour operators and more are all severely out of pocket due to ongoing travel restrictions as well as the economic burdens faced by most would-be travellers.

Explore the benefits of supporting the safari industry

Now, with nationwide travel on the cards once again, there’s relief in sight. For many though, it’ll be too late.

Wildlife tourism is determined to fight back and is well-equipped to deal with the new safety protocols imposed for travel around the world.

In fact, with the wide-open spaces and personalised attention that’s par for the course at the best lodges, they’re among the safest places for travel during a health crisis.

Travellers can book their flights online at or other similar flight booking sites, travel to the nearest airport and charter a flight directly to their game lodge. Airlines have long had top-notch safety procedures and HEPA filters in place to ensure the absolute safety of their passengers.

While staying in their private accommodations and embarking on game drives with family members only, guests are at no more risk than they would be at home.

Safari travel is a crowd-free outdoor experience that’s among the safest ways to travel regardless of health restrictions.

Safe safari travels

Despite this, lodges have implemented strict safety protocols in accordance with legislation and put many added safety features in place for visitors to their establishments.

These include:
  • A full safety briefing on arrival
  • Daily screening for all staff and guests
  • Vehicle sanitisation before and after use
  • Compulsory mask-wearing in all public places
  • Complementary hand sanitiser and spare masks for guests
  • Capacity limits during game drives
  • No shared binoculars
  • No unsupervised buffers with shared utensils or crockery
Although many of these lodges have relied on foreign visitors for most of their income in the past, now it’s up to local travellers to take advantage of these luxury experiences, many at vastly reduced rates, while demand’s low.

Africa’s believed to be one of the safest destinations worldwide for travel thanks to its remote locations, abundant fresh air and fewer crowds than major tourist cities.

It’s likely that if the virus becomes even more prevalent, it could well be safer to travel than to go work, thanks to the excellent safety measures already in place in Africa’s safari destinations.

The way forward for South African travel

South Africa can’t afford to allow the coronavirus to impact its tourism industry any longer. It’s only a matter of time until we open up to the world once again. In the meantime, it’s up to local travellers to keep the home fires of the tourist industry burning.

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