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Africa is vast, ensure aircraft last

Sourcing aircraft components you can rely on

The air is clear, beautiful, and unforgiving if you don’t know what you’re doing. There’s a reason throughout the world that obtaining a pilot’s license isn’t something which happens overnight. Certainly, operating an airplane can be “organically” learned; but it’s going to be dangerous.

You’ve got cross-winds to deal with, weather patterns, calculations pertaining to fuel use and varying mixtures for varying conditions, and of course the instance of other aircraft sharing airspace. You must understand how to use instruments, and what to do when instruments break.

Additionally, you must know limits. In South Africa, films like The Gods Must Be Crazy have achieved more than “cult” status. In the first sequel, main characters get caught in a storm system and must deal with flight troubles as fuel declines, launching these protagonists on a hilarious journey.

There is definitely truth silhouetting such situations! Firstly, should the worst come to the worst while you’re airborne, even if you land, you’ve got the wild African wilderness to deal with. Secondly, you’ve got to know your limits: sometimes that which seems inconsequential can destroy your trip!

So there are a lot of steps involved requiring your close attention, and if that attention isn’t given, you could very quickly find an inconvenient situation balloons into that of the life-and-death variety.

Africa is vast, ensure aircraft last

Juggling eventualities

Since there are so many factors which are beyond control when it comes to air travel, what you want to do is focus on portions of operation which can be controlled. To whit: mechanical systems, components, and maintenance of that symbiotic relationship existing between systems and parts that make them up.

The best way to keep yourself safe in the air is to source components which are trustworthy and vetted before their purchase and installation. Maybe with your car, truck or SUV, you can source cut-rate cheap components as you need them. Do that in the air, and the wrong flight will change or end your life.

But it’s not enough to get parts that are good; because you may have a budget to keep regardless! You must find options which simultaneously “deliver the goods”, as the saying goes, but don’t put you into bankruptcy as a result.

When you’re looking for aircraft parts, you want a trusted purveyor like, who, according to the site, have: “...over 40 years... been the ‘In-Stock’ choice for high-quality aircraft parts.” It takes a long time for any business to take hold, and when it comes to aircraft components, you want solidity in solutions.

Africa is vast, ensure aircraft last

The bigger picture

The first five to ten years of any operation will be iffy. If they survive to make a profit the first five years, that doesn’t mean that which they provide is totally trustworthy. By ten years, you can get an idea where everything is going to be as pertains to the rest of the market. Twenty to thirty years starts to define reliability.

Flight is a relatively new medium in the broad scheme of mankind’s upward societal egress. The Wright Brothers only did what they did a little over a hundred years ago. An organisation with forty years’ trustworthy parts provision under their belt represents a bastion in the aerospace community.

So find solutions you can trust, control the factors you can, and don’t neglect the details. Remember the proverb, “for want of a nail”. This proverb shows how the lack of a horseshoe nail took a horse out of action, which took a horseman out of operation, which took a division from an army, which lost a battle, losing a kingdom.

Sometimes the smallest aspects of operations end up being the most integral. There are few places where this is more true than aviation.

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Boris Dzhingarov graduated UNWE with a major in marketing. He is the CEO of ESBO ltd brand mentioning agency. He writes for several online sites such as,,, Boris is the founder of and

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