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Primedia Outdoor continues to expand its digital footprint in sub-Saharan Africa

As part of growing its digital footprint in sub-Saharan Africa, Primedia Outdoor has recently gone a step further to install new 4m x 8m and 3m x 6m LED screens in eSwatini and Lesotho respectively, marking its position as digital leaders.
Primedia Outdoor continues to expand its digital footprint in sub-Saharan Africa

Driven by demand and considerable content opportunities, these dynamic structures offer unique advertising for memorable executions with high creative flexibility and ease of updating campaigns at no production costs. Moreover, the screens create immersive consumer experience which can also be integrated with social media content to serve as a new avenue of customer engagement and feedback strategies.

With an estimated population of 2.26 million (World Population Review, 2018), Lesotho has one of the highest literacy rates in Africa with the country’s economy mainly dependant on mining, construction, transport, industrial manufacturing and remittances from migrant labourers in South African mines. On the other hand, formerly known as Swaziland, eSwatini has a population of 1.39 million inhabitants with tourism being one of their biggest industries on account of historic museums, festivals and national parks.

Primedia Outdoor continues to expand its digital footprint in sub-Saharan Africa

Adding to its comprehensive range of out-of-home advertising solutions, Primedia Outdoor has strategically positioned these high-impact dynamic screens within the commercial hubs of both countries to reinforce brand presence and provide an exclusive platform with complete control of advertising message.

Commenting on the new LED screen, Sabelo Dlamini, GM for Primedia Outdoor – eSwatini, said, “As a pioneer of digital out-of-home advertising, growing our inventory to furnish more opportunities for our clients to upturn market reach has always been one of our top priorities. Our high-quality LEDs place us in a great position to offer our customers more rich and dynamic campaigns, and uniquely putting our clients’ marketing campaigns into motion.”

Ramabolu Phori, GM of Primedia Outdoor - Lesotho, said, “We see this as an investment to raise the profile of Primedia as an innovator and market leader in the out-of-home space on the African continent. These LED screens will push the envelope for our clients and carry through great substantial value, considering how well both countries are significantly developing in terms of changing market needs and dynamics.”

About Primedia Outdoor

Primedia Outdoor is one of the leading outdoor advertising media specialists operating within sub-Saharan Africa, with over 2,980 billboards in South Africa and 4,373 faces located in nine other countries across the continent.

Primedia Outdoor offers exposure across a mix of media types, including high-end digital signs, airport advertising, freeway and suburban spectaculars and street furniture, as well as static advertising and video walls in malls. Primedia Outdoor provides flexible coverage across the entire socioeconomic spectrum, targeting cosmopolitan consumers in major urban areas through to those living in rural communities.

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