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The Matt Brown Show secures Amazon Prime distribution

The Matt Brown Show takes real African entrepreneurial stories into homes around the world through Amazon Prime.

South African entrepreneurs face unique business, social and economic challenges on a daily basis. How they navigate these challenges makes for compelling content, which is why 56% of The Matt Brown Show’s audience is based in the United States.

“Since I launched The Matt Brown Show four years ago, we’ve had hundreds of local entrepreneurs share their advice with our viewers,” says Matt Brown, founder and host of The Matt Brown Show. “Their experiences are different to anywhere else in the world. How we create opportunities in the face of so many challenges really resonates with international viewers.”

The rise of distribution channels like Netflix and Amazon Prime means that a South African startup can tell these stories at scale, which is exactly what the Matt Brown Show is doing.

“The why of the Matt Brown Show has always been to help as many entrepreneurs and business leaders as possible through the sharing of information, insights and experiences at scale,” says Brown. “With distribution now on Amazon Prime means that our show is now being distributed globally by Amazon Prime USA and UK, and we’re able to secure an on-demand subscription audience as well as direct-to-home viewers in key major markets in the US and EMEA.”

Engaging premium audiences

The Matt Brown Show was launched as an audio podcast only. To capture a wider audience, the show launched a YouTube channel in May 2018.

“Since then we have seen an increasingly strong demand for the video format of the show,” says Brown. “To put it into perspective, over the past 12 weeks, 128,341 minutes (or 2,130 hours) of the Matt Brown Show have been streamed from 80 countries around the world. The Amazon Prime opportunity will increase the show’s global reach even further, engaging a premium audience who is hungry for real-life content.”

From Africa to beyond

The first release on Amazon Prime is tied to the release of Brown’s upcoming book, Your Inner Game: 12 Principles for High Impact Entrepreneurs.

“We were exploring innovative ways to amplify the overall message and theme of the book, which is based on the stories, lessons and insights recounted to me on the Matt Brown Show, when we realised the scope of what we could do with the content we have created,” says Brown.

Season One of the Matt Brown Show on Amazon Prime will feature the stories of the 12 entrepreneurs who are featured in the book. “They’re not only incredibly inspiring stories from some of the most amazing people on the African continent, but through our research we have discovered that this angle to entrepreneurship is rarely found in established Western media.

“This gives the first season of Grit, Guts & Glory: The Case for Africa exclusive positioning, as it offers a fresh take on the blend between personal and business success through a uniquely African perspective to a global audience.

“We’ll be releasing consecutive seasons of the show to cover similar themes from the UK, USA and the Middle East. We’re shooting in London and Israel in June and the USA in August.”

The Matt Brown Show is an exploration of the unique experiences and stories of entrepreneurs and other industry experts. The show’s format gives audiences a new perspective on their own lives through a branded entertainment experience that focuses on the sharing of very human stories for an exponential time.

Matt Brown is the Chief Excitement Officer (CEO) of Digital Kungfu, a storytelling production company that specialises in helping technology businesses generate leads, market their software products/service and build their brands. He is also the founder of The Matt Brown Show.

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