Keeping e-waste out of landfills

USA: The hottest gadgets of today will look old and tired a year from now. Sellers of mobile handsets, smartphones, MP3 players, gaming consoles, camcorders, digital cameras and laptops constantly push the latest and greatest technology, leaving yesterday's choice items in the dust.

Then there's the fact that this stuff is pretty easily broken.

How to dispose of broken or outdated electronic devices has become a growing question.

A year-old startup,, thinks it has an equitable and environmentally friendly solution: It will buy anyone's used, new and broken devices. It will fix what's fixable and sell it at profit. The rest gets recycled.

"Everybody has something they [just don't know what to do with]. It's happened to me before. I broke a digital camera, and when I looked for a place to have it fixed, it was going to be more to fix it than it was to buy a brand new one," said Brett Mosley, president and CEO of

Although many people have found themselves in a similar position, holding a worthless device because it is broken or out-of-date, Mosley decided he would do something about it.

"I'd always had that idea that it would be cool if you could buy things from people at a reasonable price and then have all of your labor and repairs done in-house. You could sell them. It was always something I had been frustrated with and said, 'someone should do something about this.' The opportunity presented itself and I seized the day," he said.

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