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    Taking tea for 2 to the next level

    The way someone takes their tea says a lot about them.
    Taking tea for 2 to the next level
    Taking tea for 2 to the next level
    Taking tea for 2 to the next level
    Taking tea for 2 to the next level

    Whether it's with milk or no milk, sugar or no sugar, it has to be perfect. There really is nothing better than a perfect cuppa tea.

    That's how The Media Krate treats every artwork we do. It doesn't matter, where it is, who it's for, how big or small, complex or refined. We make sure it's perfect.

    For this Tea Time 3D Visual Reality Airbrushing™ (3DVRA™) Wall Mural, The Media Krate was tasked to make the new Rooibos Tea packet 3D, to draw attention to the new variation offering. Not only does it literally pop off the wall, but our Visual Reality Airbrushing also makes the packet as life-like as possible. Our 3D Structures coupled with the attention to shadows and lighting are what set us apart from the rest in the industry.

    So, if you feel like your brand needs to stand out from the rest (which we know it does), then give us a shout. We'd love to have a chat over a perfect cuppa tea.

    The Media Krate
    The Media Krate specialises in Unusual Outdoor Media Solutions that are sure-fire to turn heads and hold a hostage audience, focusing on South African Townships, and selected presence in Urban and Affluent Suburbs.

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