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How to make packaging sustainable

In the current market, almost all products need to be packaged. The package acts as a protection on the item hence is very important for most consumables and utilities. More and more packaging solutions are needed and with the increasing number of products that require to be well packaged, more resources continue to be depleted. Additionally, the packaging methods used led to lots of wastage and the generation of large heaps of waste that pollute the environment. Currently, many organizations have been forced to come up with eco-friendly packaging options hence the creation of sustainable packaging solutions. Below are some strategies you can employ in your company to achieve and design sustainable packages for your company.
1. Design for reuse

Many packaging options will probably end in a landfill as waste after being used by a consumer. To avoid having more and more waste creation from disposed of packaging, companies are advised to design and create packaging options that are reusable yet smart, attractive, and innovative. Your company can design packaging solutions that use materials such as cardboard since these materials can be used for something else or used even as decoration. A packaging solution with numerous possible uses can help reduce the disposal of the package, therefore, reducing waste.

2. Use recyclable materials

One of the best sustainable packaging strategies your company can employ is the use of recyclable raw materials. Recycling resources will prevent the depletion of resources and ensure that the environment and ecological footprint are well preserved. Some of the recyclable and reusable raw materials that you can choose to use include cardboard, glass, and paper.

3. Have an eco-friendly supply chain

Sustainable packaging options focus on the packaging used throughout its lifecycle. You should ensure that the solution is environmentally friendly right from its production, manufacture, transportation, and disposal. Employ cleaner production and green manufacturing methods. Additionally, ensure that the method of production emphasises on conservation of energy and resources. This means that you should use renewable energy such as solar and renewable resources. The transportation method is also very important if you aim at ensuring complete sustainability. Ensure that the method used to distribute and deliver the products to the market has no threats to the ecosystem and does not cause further pollution.

4. Use innovative materials

Innovative materials are resources that are recyclable, biodegradable, and are not raw materials initially used. when making a packaging option, always strive at using materials that can easily degrade on exposure to environmental factors without causing harm. Some of the commonly used innovative materials include cardboard, bamboo, corn starch, and even potato starch. Some companies can also resort to using mushroom and waste feather materials to make packages. Choose an appropriate material that suits the type of product being packaged.

5. Minimize the packaging volume

Sustainable packaging solutions are aimed at reducing the size of the packaging needed to carry a particular item. When a product only needs limited space and is packaged in a big package, you waste material and space. With minimalist designs of packages, you will realize that you can pack several products within a small package. Additionally, customers prefer precise packaging. Your company will also benefit from smaller packaging options since the shipping fees will be reduced as well as the storage space required.


Consumers in the current market are attracted to safer, healthier, and innovative packaging of products. Companies are therefore forced to meet the standards of sustainable packaging. Additionally, when the strategies for sustainable packaging are employed, the consumers, the company, and the environment all benefit. As a company, always strive to ensure that your products' packaging designs are innovative, recyclable, reusable, degradable, and need less energy and materials to create.

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