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Swimming pool covers near me

Having a swimming pool is a source of immense joy and satisfaction. With a pool, you can enjoy the warmth of sunshine and create bonding with family and pets by swimming together. Besides all the fun, a swimming pool needs many maintenance accessories.

So, if this is what you seek on a search engine: "Swimming pool covers near me" – do not skip this blog post, and read it till the end, because we have mentioned the best pool cover company in South Africa called Designer Pool Covers. For almost 11 years, they have been selling and customising the pool covers and accessories like cover pumps.

Why do you need a pool cover?

Swimming pool covers near me

What swimming pool covers are available at Designer Pool Covers?

Designer Pool Covers has the most exclusive range of pool covers that are as follows:

  • Automatic vinyl pool covers
  • PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers
  • Pet and child safety covers
  • Thermal blanket pool covers
  • PoolLock V5m Easy Glide covers

All these pool covers have multiple functions, protecting your swimming pool from harsh environmental conditions, ensuring cleanliness, and helping you avoid pool accidents and injuries.

Swimming pool covers in South Africa - by Designer Pool Covers

Designer Pool Covers is a South African company that provides swimming pool covering products and pool maintenance services in four provinces of South Africa. So, in the following section, we will discuss the details of their pool cover services.

Designer Pool Covers - Johannesburg

Considering the dry and warm climate of Johannesburg, South Africa - swimming pool owners need a pool cover that protects their swimming pool in case of severe thunderstorms.

Designer Pool Covers acknowledges your pool cover needs and provides the best solutions to these problems. They offer the following pool covers that may help you in protecting your swimming pool during these conditions:

Pet and child safety covers

This type of pool cover consists of a durable mesh material that permits the rainwater to pass through it but restricts the debris from falling into the swimming pool. In addition, this pool cover provides an ultimate safety experience that keeps your children and pets safe from pool accidents.

PoolDeck slatted automatic pool covers

These pool covers have a quick opening mechanism that you can utilise in case of thunderstorms. The horizontal slats of this pool cover create a uniform surface through which the dirt and debris does not seep into your swimming pool.

In addition to these pool covers, you can also consider the other two options. It all depends on your priorities.

Designer Pool Covers - KwaZulu-Natal

KwaZulu-Natal is a province of South Africa that faces a warm and humid climate. Therefore, the problem of excessive water evaporation and extra pool chemical usage is much more pronounced there, in contrast to other places in South Africa.

Designer Pool Covers has a branch in this province and provides all the pool covers we listed in the above section. Out of all the options, we suggest using the thermal blanket pool covers to minimise water loss and chemical usage because this pool cover is durably thick. So, it reduces water evaporation to a great extent.

In addition, it reduces the cost of extra chemical usage and keeps the water at a suitable swimming temperature without installing other insulation measures.

Designer Pool Covers - (George) Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape is a province of South Africa that faces harsh environmental conditions like other provinces. This region experiences the occasional rainstorms and unpredicted weather changes. So, swimming pool owners always search for pool covers that offer quick-function systems and work as child safety covers.

Among all the choices, you can consider buying the automatic vinyl pool covers for quick operation, thermal blanket pool covers to reduce water evaporation, and the pet and child safety pool covers to ensure a secure swimming experience for your family and pets.

Designer Pool Covers - (Cape Town) Western Cape

Western Cape, a beautiful province of South Africa, is known for its exotic beaches and mild climatic conditions with hot and dry summers to wet winters. Therefore, this region experiences rainstorms much more than other South African regions. Also, because of this reason, this region is a popular touristic destination.

To avoid excessive water loss through evaporation, pool owners find an option that provides multiple advantages ranging from pool safety to saving money. At Designer Pool Covers, you can buy the PoolDeck slatted automatic pool cover for aesthetics, the thermal blanket pool cover to avoid excessive water evaporation and the PoolLock V5m Easy Glide pool cover for the swift pool cover functions.

Along with these benefits, the automatic vinyl pool covers and the pet and child safety covers also offer the benefits like safety and protection against environmental conditions.

What are some basic accessories for the swimming pool covers?

Swimming pool covers near me

Tips on selecting the right cover for your swimming pool

Selecting the right pool cover is crucial because these swimming pool covers are costly, and if you purchase them without analysing your priorities, you choose the wrong option. So, the following are some tips on how you can select the right cover for your pool:

  • Set a clear budget for buying a pool cover.
  • Measure the dimensions of and consider the shape of your pool.
  • Consider the climate of your resident area.
  • Decide on the extra features you want in your pool cover.
  • Make a list of your pool cover priorities.
  • Check the warranty of your potential pool cover.
  • Consider the aesthetics of pool covers.
  • Select a pool cover that offers easy installation.
  • Consider the brand reputation on online channels and social media.


How much is a typical pool cover in South Africa?

The cost of a swimming pool cover depends on many factors, for example, the dimensions of your pool, the brand, and vice versa. But on average, a simple pool cover may cost around R4,000 to R10,000. In addition, if you buy specialised pool covers, they may cost you an expense ranging from R20,000 to R40,000.

What are the best swimming pool covers?

The definition of the best swimming pool cover is a subjective topic. Everyone has different priorities related to cost, colour, and quality factors. So, to find a perfect cover for your pool, consider the tips mentioned in this blog post.

What colour pool cover is best?

The colours of swimming pool covers depend on your personal preferences. However, some colours offer additional benefits other than enhancing the look and feel of your swimming pool.

Those colours are blue, green, grey, and tan/beige. The swimming pool covers having these colours may help filter out some sunlight, prevent algae growth, and decrease the visibility of dirt and debris over their surface.

What is the cheapest way to cover a pool?

Following are some of the pocket-friendly methods to cover a pool:

  • Get a ready-made pool cover instead of a customised one.
  • Invest in a pool cover that offers multiple advantages so that you may save money by reducing the need for other accessories. For example, buy a solar pool cover.
  • Create a DIY pool cover at home.
  • Buy the cost-friendly pool covers made of plastic and vinyl. In addition, you can consider purchasing the leaf net, tarp, or solar pool cover.

To conclude

Thus, swimming pool covers are an obligation for your pools because they ensure a safe swimming experience for your loved ones, protect the swimming pool, conserve natural resources, and save you a good amount of money in the long run. In addition, there are various types of pool covers offering different advantages.

Overall - Designer Pool Covers offers those types of swimming pool covers that have a long lifespan, are made of high-quality materials, and have numerous advantages. For more details, visit their website and contact them to get the best cover for your pool.

Thank you for reading!

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