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TV ad demystifies investing

The series of new television commercials which aims to dispel the myth that the JSE is only for wealthy, risk-taking intellectuals is the JSE's first foray into television advertising. Net#work BBDO was tasked with the conceptualisation.
TV ad demystifies investing

Executive creative director Julian Watt of Net#work BBDO says the financial world has hyperbolised investing through the use of acronyms, graphs and complicated terminology. "We decided to take a brave step and use wacky humour to show that the JSE is not some complicated no go zone where mere mortals fear to tread. We wanted to portray the JSE as warm, approachable and accessible to everyone."

The commercial takes on an alternative persona on how the JSE is usually perceived with a financial guru advocating complicated investment conspiracy theories to a deadpan audience. In contrast, a voice over announces - "there is nothing scary about investing on the JSE". The hope is that there will be increased savings levels and people will take a long term outlook on their investments.

Noah Greenhill, JSE senior GM marketing and business development, says the campaign cuts through the usual financial ad clutter by using humour. "But it still takes cognisance of the strategic business need to increase market penetration in a growing economy. It also highlights that the JSE empathises with wary, potential investors and attempts to inform education hungry investors."

Net#work chose seasoned film director Jonathan Parkinson from Fresh Eye Film Productions to direct the ad which was shot at the JSE's offices.

"I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot as it challenged me to create a very high level comedy based performance," Parkinson said during filming. Laughter constantly rang out in the background - the JSE staff in response to the hilarious emulation of a "tacky salesman" by the investment guru character.

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