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Beat the travel bans - Let them inspire your travels instead

International travel bans on the verge of our busiest holiday season are the last thing South Africa needs right now. Yet, there are ways to turn these tragedies into a good thing for your holiday plans this summer.
Beat the travel bans - Let them inspire your travels instead

As South Africans we’re fortunate to have access to the summer holidays that other people must now go without. Traditionally, locals have taken a back seat to the influx of international guests over the festive season but that’s not the case this time around.

Boundless options for a getaway despite the bad news

For those who haven’t yet considered a seasonal break, there’s still have time. With cancellations flying in thick and fast, there’s no shortage of options available to local travellers at discounted prices.

Mango might have sunk into a pit of debt, and SAA’s operating a lite version at the moment, but that doesn’t leave local travellers without options.

You can still get a flight from Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, or any other popular destination at the drop of a hat on one of our other local carriers, and at a great price too.

Not only do South Africans have some of the world’s most sought-after destinations at their fingertips, but they can also look forward to unique new sights and activities, and vastly reduced crowds when they arrive.

Hoedspruit’s Aerotel and Kruger’s Shalati train are two fine examples of innovative accommodation options available to local travellers looking for something new.

The Aviator Boutique Hotel ticks all the boxes by recycling a Boeing 747, repurposing it as a luxury hotel with six rooms featuring all the amenities one would expect from such an establishment.

The hotel holds pride of place in the heart of prime game-viewing country close to the Kruger National Park and several animal rehabilitation centres.

Another unusual travel showcase, the repurposed Shalati Train occupies a bridge outside Skukuza, boasting spectacular views over the bushveld and supremely luxurious accommodation and dining options.

Both these concept hotels are easily reached via domestic flights on several SA Airlines to Hoedspruit and Kruger Mpumalanga airport from anywhere in the country.

Travel With Confidence in South Africa

So far, President Ramaphosa has taken a generous approach toward imposing restrictions on domestic travel, giving South Africans’ the all-clear to make the most of these opportunities this festive season.

The president hasn’t let up though on stringent health and safety measures, or vaccination requirements, making South Africa one of the most health-conscious destinations worldwide.

The World Health Organisation has implied that travel bans do little to stop the spread of rampant viruses like these, holding up mask wearing and hand sanitizing as a much more effective approach.

In a bid to recoup some of the losses incurred by international travel bans, the tourist industry has called for its members to work with the public to promote domestic travel by offering savings for local travellers.

It’s been a long hard year for many and for those who’ve been longing for a local seasonal break, now’s the chance to try something new and keep the South African tourist industry and local airlines in the air throughout the latest spat of travel bans.


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