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Matt Brown Show launches digital TV show offering for brands

Digital TV shows get the attention of customers around the world.
Matt Brown Show launches digital TV show offering for brands
Attention is the battle in the never-ending war of growing a brand and business. Because money flows where attention goes.

According to Matt Brown, serial entrepreneur, and host of the Matt Brown Show, getting the attention of target customers is hard, especially amongst the noise of digital marketing and information overload.

“Off the back of the success of the Matt Brown Show podcast, which has had millions of downloads from over 100 countries around the world, we’ve launched a new digital TV show offering to help brands get attention of target customers wherever they are,” says Brown.

“Digital TV shows combine the power of video marketing, the reach of paid advertising and the access of on-demand podcasting to help brands displace incumbents and own the conversation with target customers anywhere, fast.”

Digital TV shows get the attention of customers around the world

Digital TV shows comprise of multiple episodes for the brand and are designed to take the audience on a journey that not only raises awareness of the brand but educates the audience and drives conversion at the same time.

“We’ve created digital TV shows for brands in Africa, Europe and North America and have collectively generated over 1 million views and over 100,000 watch time hours from over 100 countries around the world,” says Brown. “The stories about our clients’ brands are resonating because of the storytelling process we use to get the story across to end customers.”

Brown says that the production team behind the digital TV shows use a P3 framework to help brands deliver a story that will resonate with customers.

“Brands, whether they are in a B2B or B2C business, make the mistake of shouting about their products and solutions first when the customer doesn’t understand what problem they solve, why it is different and how it benefits them. If you can talk about the problem, better than the competition you’ll always be accredited with the best solution, so that’s where we start. Demonstrating how products/solutions solve the problem is essential as is providing proof or evidence to drive the conversion path of a customer journey,” says Brown.

Ten days is all it takes to get brands (the right) attention

A digital TV show is planned, produced, and deployed to target customers in ten days or less, and come with a compelling guarantee.

“We guarantee between 10,000 and 120,000 views of a digital TV show or your money back," says Brown. “The amount of exposure your business gets depends on the type of digital TV show you choose. These are either a once-off branded interview or a multi-episode branded series.”

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