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How to position your brand in a noisy market

Getting your brand to stand out in this day and age has become more difficult than ever. The market is flooded with different brand messages across different platforms such as TV, print, radio and social media, and consumers are overwhelmed with options. It does not matter what platform brands use to advertise, what is important is the marketing strategy. This begs the question - how can brands effectively share their marketing message to consumers among all the noise? How can you break through the clutter with a strong message that does not land on deaf ears? This can be achieved by going back to basics and crafting a compelling brand positioning statement.
How to position your brand in a noisy market

You need to understand your brand purpose and who needs your services in the market so that you can understand your unique selling proposition. This may sound like a lot, but it is merely putting yourself in your target audience’s shoes and learning what motivates their buying decisions. This will help unpack what the clients’ needs are, confirm if your product solves that problem, and explore what makes your business unique.

The first step is to create a compelling customer problem statement. Why is this important, you may ask? A customer problem statement will assist you in understanding what your purpose as a business is, what your customers’ needs are, and what customer problem you need to solve. Let us add context to the above by sharing OFM’s customer problem statement. This statement has to be written from the customers’ perspective to identify what client problem your product or service will solve. Depending on your product or service, your business can have multiple statements. This statement should highlight what the client wants, why they cannot get it, and how that issue makes them feel. The best marketing messages or campaigns always evoke an emotion – this assures your target audience that you know what they want.

OFM client problem statement

I am a listener in need of companionship, good music and news about my community, but I have too many options because of all the different media platforms, which makes me feel lost and overwhelmed.

I am a business owner/brand trying to attract customers to my business but I am unable to access these people because I don’t have a strong advertising strategy, which frustrates me.

Now that the client problem has been identified, a marketing message must be created from this, which shows what your brand/business can do for your targeted audience. This is how to construct a compelling marketing message from the client problem statement.
    - OFM, your favorite radio station with the latest news, entertainment and best music in Central South Africa. Available in FM and on live stream for your convenience.
    - We will help you reach the desired target audience for your product/services by creating a customised radio adverting campaign, which will ensure you attract traffic to your business.
There is absolute no ambiguity in these marketing messages. For a business, which needs traffic to their business, they know that OFM is the radio station that can help tell people about their products or services. Listeners also consider OFM their go-to station for local content and entertainment. This statement can further be applied to advertising campaigns, messages and designs.

Breaking through the clutter is thus achieved by good brand positioning. Position your brand/business as a solution for your customers’ needs. Tap into their emotions, know what is important to them, and communicate how your products fit in.

OFM Radio
OFM, is Central South Africa's premier commercial radio station, offering a mix of music, news and entertainment. The station serves the affluent SEM 7+ economically active marketplace with a broadcast footprint across the Free State, Northern Cape, southern Gauteng and North West.
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