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Driven to succeed

Thapelo Mokgosi, or Thaps as we call him, is employed by Grey Advertising South Africa as a junior front-end developer and digital creative. Mokgosi is a beacon of hope. A light tower on the rough seas of reality.
Thapelo Mokgosi
Thapelo Mokgosi

His story starts in a small village near the town of Zeerust. His formative years were not occupied with computers and technology. Even though he had a formal brush or two with technology after matric, circumstances saw him finding employment as a charge car operator at a smelting operation in Witbank. During this time, having had a glimpse of a different future, Mokgosi enrolled himself at Unisa for an introduction to internet and web design. During this time, he would take advantage of working the night shift and would bring his books and laptop to study whenever he had a gap.

Beginning at the bottom

After completing his short course, Mokgosi decided to take the next leap and applied for an internship at Grey Advertising. He got selected and was lucky enough to be taken under the wing of the then head of development, Sudhir Hira, who mentored him. Eventually Mokgosi’s internship ended, and the agency took him onboard as a permanent member of the team.

Adjusting to a new reality

Mokgosi admits that it was quite an adjustment for him considering his background. “Coming from a small village in South Africa and being a driver does not prepare one for agency life. I was surrounded by an unfamiliar environment of open plan studios, brands and creatives.” It took some time to adjust but, today, Mokgosi is loving his job and constantly learning and growing as he explores the ever-evolving terrain of his profession.

“I am sure, with a drive like his, Mokgosi can do whatever he sets his mind to in the future,” explains Paul Jackson. “He did after all go from being a driver at a smelting operation to where he is today, a driver prepared for a driverless future. I am sure there are many of you who resonate,” concludes Jackson.

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