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Scan Retail's new product impresses Madex 2018 visitors

Scan Retail exhibited at the recent Marketing, Advertising & Design Expo (Madex). We showcased a new display product that has useful applications in retail: the Fabric Pop-up System.

Justin Hawes, CEO of Scan Retail, says, “Madex visitors were given demos of how easy the Fabric Pop-up System is to use. This helped them see how well suited it is to a range of retail environments where displays need to be updated often, such as showrooms or in-store promotional displays, and where they need to be easily moveable, such as mall activations and pop-up shops.”

“While I can see the immense value this product offers our clients, I was glad to see that the Madex visitors recognised it too. The feedback was very positive,” adds Hawes.

The value of the Fabric Pop-up System lies in its ease of use, cost saving benefits, and flexible design:
  1. Like a classic pop-up system, the collapsible frames ‘pop’ open to form sturdy structures quickly and easily. Fabric graphics slide into silicon edging built into the frames, concealing the structure under smooth, seamless prints. You do not need any tools or specialised skills.
  2. It’s an affordable product, compared to many alternatives on the market. Plus, because it is durable and re-usable, it carries huge potential savings in the long-term.
  3. The simple set-ups need minimal time and labour. This leads to further cost savings.
  4. The folded away system is compact and lightweight. This makes it easy to transport, and at a lower cost to both your pocket and the environment compared to traditional alternatives.
  5. The system’s modular design and versatile connection options allow you to assemble the parts into different configurations, and mix and match them. Like Lego bricks, a few structural parts can create many different designs.
  6. Although the fabric prints are re-usable, new prints are also very affordable. This means you can update your marketing message, or look and feel, as and when you want to.
The system comes with many parts and accessories, which were on show at Madex. These include walls of varying sizes, bulkheads, counters, LED backlighting behind the fabric graphics, mounted screens and shelves. These give Scan Retail’s customers almost endless possibilities for the displays they want to create – and which Scan Retail can design, if needed.

If you weren’t at Madex, you can contact Scan Retail to set up a Fabric Pop-up System demonstration. Visit to find your nearest branch.

For more information, please contact:

Justin Hawes

+27 11 447 4777