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City Press and that 'anti-Indian' column

NEWSWATCH: City Press says it stands by its decision to publish a column that some people reckon is "dripping with anti-Indian hatred", reports Mail & Guardian.
City Press and that 'anti-Indian' column

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  • Mail & Guardian: City Press stands by its 'anti-Indian' column... It seems one Phumlani Mfeka wrote the column, which was directed at KZN Newcastle's mayor Afzul Rehman.

    Rehman is reported to have laid a complaint against a traffic officer who had allegedly mistaken him for one of the Guptas... you know, that family so friendly with "Number One", and that led to the Mfeka rant.

    Opinions are divided as to whether City Press editor Ferial Haffajee was wise to have published the column, but here's your opportunity to to take a look at this "gem of journalism" and decide for yourself.

    In the column, Mfeka refers to Mahatma Gandhi as a super-racist (I've never heard that one before) and tells Rehman that (along with much else) "you are an Indian and, contrary to what you believe and what you perhaps have been taught, South Africa is an African country with its land in its totality and proportion rightfully belonging to its indigenous African people."

    So that would be the Khoi or San then, right? If so, then quite a few people might suggest it's a case of 'Mfeka, on your bike", but we digress...

    Kay Sexwale in her turn has a few choice pieces of advice for Mfeka and takes what many might regard as well-deserved swipe at the latter.

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