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In support of Afrikaans and the Pendoring

A project with the scope and responsibility of Pendoring would be simply impossible without the financial support and valuable intellectual inputs of several sponsors and partners. That Afrikaans advertising and Pendoring are close to the hearts of the Pendoring sponsors is clear.

“People buy newspapers and magazines in their mother tongue because this language is important to them. They want to read it, speak it and also receive advertising messages in this language. It is rubbish that the Afrikaans-speaking consumer should be satisfied with advertising messages in English,” says Sarel du Plessis, executive head of Ads24.

“It is important to us to encourage marketers to make sufficient budgets available for Afrikaans advertising, aimed at Afrikaans readers,” explains Du Plessis. “With the Pendoring sponsorship we confirm to the advertising profession the fact that we are serious about the conservation and support of Afrikaans for the future.”

Engaging with consumers

For more than a century, Clover has addressed its Afrikaans consumers in Afrikaans through Afrikaans advertising. That is why Clover's decision to once again be a sponsor of the Pendoring advertising competition and project in 2008 was a foregone conclusion for the company.

“Afrikaans-speaking consumers are conscious, informed, progressive consumers that know what they want and are loyal towards their favourite products. Their purchasing power is among the strongest in the country,” says Denise Meadon, group head: marketing of Clover South Africa. “Afrikaans-speaking consumers have always been an important part of Clover's target market, and Afrikaans is part of our consumers' lifestyle. And, Pendoring is at the top of the active realisation of Afrikaans.”

According to Ilse Smuts, marketing manager of First National Bank's (FNB) Core Banking Solutions, people are hungry for Afrikaans. “Specifically young people have a significant purchasing power nowadays. The heartbeat of the Afrikaans-speaker is stronger than ever.

“They regard communication and service delivery in their mother tongue as very important. That is why it is important to us not only to communicate in Afrikaans with our clients, but also to support the conservation and promotion of the language in this manner. Projects such as Pendoring appeal to our own endeavour towards excellence and ingenuity.”

Advertising lubrication

Francois Groepe, appointed executive head of Media24: newspapers, agrees that advertising is the oil on the wheels of the free market system - if this does not work effectively, the whole market system is weaker.

“While Afrikaans advertising plays such an important role in making the market work, it is obvious that achievements in this field should be acknowledged. Pendoring therefore has a positive mission. Our promotion of the idea that communication in the mother tongue is the most effective way, in itself has led to local talent being promoted. The role players in the advertising industry - unlike publishers such as us - should perhaps play a more significant role in this regard,” says Groepe.

For Rapport, Pendoring is one of the crown jewels of the advertising industry and an important barometer for the pursuit of Afrikaans advertising of an international standard, says Barnard Beukman, acting general manager of Rapport.

“By supporting Pendoring, we are making a contribution towards communication at the highest level between the advertising industry and our readers. This enables the advertising industry to be aware of the importance of communication with a key economic community in their mother tongue. Time and again they will rediscover the joy of the unbelievable depth of creativity in the Afrikaans creative artists with regard to words, idioms and imagery.”

Proudly Pendoring

“Marketers will not make a mistake by focusing on the Afrikaans market,” is the well-considered view of Andrew Smythe, general manager of SABC Radio Sales.

“We are proud to be an advocate of the Afrikaans language and culture,” says Smythe. “The SABC has committed itself to be a public broadcaster for the whole nation and its entire people. Pendoring is an excellent initiative with a successful history. The competition succeeds in keeping creative Afrikaans advertising at a very high level that compares well with international markets.”

“Although research by the Bureau of Market Research has shown that Afrikaans-speakers have a purchasing power of almost 30%, many companies still ignore the importance of this group of consumers. It is unwise to underestimate the Afrikaans-speaker's culture and purchasing power, however,” Pieter Klerck, senior manager: planning and advertising of Toyota South Africa, adds.

According to Klerck, Pendoring is unique in that it encourages advertising agencies and advertisers to create brilliant ideas to promote products and services. “Pendoring not only creates a channel for Afrikaans advertising, it creates the opportunity to promote creativity as well as a further revival of Afrikaans.”

Pendoring's other partners for 2008 are: the ATKV, De Kat, Die Burger, Die Dagbreek Trust, Eyeballs Mobile, Interactive Market Systems, Jacaranda 94.2, kulula.com, Klipdrift, kykNET, Leopards Leap, Mooiloop, Newsclip, Nucleus Digital Media, Oracle Airtime Sales, Sanlam, RSG, and Wiel.

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