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Carbon neutral clothing goes high fashion

A partnership with Rene Geneva Design, LLC leads to the first eco-chic luxury fashions to be certified "carbon neutral".
Hemp and Silk Dress, Rene Geneva Design.<br>Photo by Greg Daniels.
Hemp and Silk Dress, Rene Geneva Design.
Photo by Greg Daniels.
Biodegradable Wedding Gown made from Hemp Silk, Rene Geneva Design. <br>Photo by Greg Daniels.
Biodegradable Wedding Gown made from Hemp Silk, Rene Geneva Design.
Photo by Greg Daniels.
Clothing production is a worldwide process that generates a worldwide environmental impact that largely goes unchecked. Carbon Neutral Clothing™ is a certification mark that demonstrates a manufacturer has taken responsibility for the carbon dioxide emissions created by the production of their clothing.

The calculation to determine a garment's environmental impact includes origination of the fibre, the manner in which the fibre is harvested and processed into textiles, manufacture of the garment, and the shipping each garment incurs up to the designers door step. Carbon neutrality is achieved through investments in alternative energy projects based on the environmental impact calculation, such as wind farms that Live it Green works with.

The Carbon Neutral Clothing™ certification gives consumers confidence in companies that are aware of the emissions created from clothing production and are actively working to mitigate the effects.

Rene Geneva Design, LLC (aka Faernyn's Grove) has offered eco-chic luxury women's fashions since 1997 and will be releasing their Fashionably Neutral Carbon Program™ that will carry the Carbon Neutral Clothing™ certification this August at WWDMagic in Las Vegas. This certification mark will be carried on their eveningwear, corsets, and even a bridal gown. In taking this opportunity to partner with high fashion, the stage is set to expand the visibility and reach of carbon neutral design.

Changing the way an industry works to adopt more sustainable methods will require a significant shift but will deliver long-term gains, and not just for the environment. "Companies with a public commitment to ethics perform better on 3 out 4 financial measures than those without. These companies also have 18% higher profits on average," - Institute of Business Ethics, 2003.


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