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Super Data Ninja acquired by Australian recruitment firm

South African tech enabler gets the attention of global acquirer...
Super Data Ninja acquired by Australian recruitment firm
Global upheavals, record levels of unemployment and unprecedented changes across industries means that for recruiters, finding and placing the right candidate in a role should be simple. The challenge is that it isn’t.

Many recruiters rely on outdated, irrelevant data in their applicant tracking systems or candidate databases, or they are simply inundated with familiar, poor-quality candidates that aren’t placeable and move from agency to agency.

When the same names keep appearing in both your own and your competitors’ searches, connecting with new, passive talent typically requires some super-advanced cyber-snooping skills. Thankfully, finding those unicorns and purple squirrels has now become easier than ever.

Super Data Ninja is a data enrichment and search tool that provides access to over 2.5 billion profiles worldwide. “We developed the Super Data Ninja platform to solve the recruitment challenges in a GDPR and POPI compliant way,” say Matt Brown, founder, and CEO of Super Data Ninja and host of the Matt Brown Show.

Disrupting recruitment with data intelligence

According to Jonathan Bell, head of product for Super Data Ninja, it’s never been easier for proactive recruitment professionals to build lists of contactable hiring managers that need exceptional talent.

According to Bell, the platform allows users to find potential candidates and their details in three ways:

Single contact enrichment: By inputting a social media profile or a name, company, and location of a candidate, a recruitment professional can access their direct contact details. Recruitment becomes faster and more proactive when recruitment professionals are no longer waiting for candidates to respond to LinkedIn InMail’s.

Bulk contact enrichment: The ability to upload an entire excel spreadsheet containing their social media profiles or names, company details, or location means searches can be conducted in bulk, broadening the reach and scope of recruitment professionals.

People Search: Recruiters can access lists of potential candidates, email addresses and/or contact numbers by entering job-specific search criteria.

Results are returned in seconds. And unlike LinkedIn and other social networks, Super Data Ninja provides rich contact details across multiple channels, allowing recruiters to build relationships with top talent on their platform of choice.

Recruiters can also use the search function to find hiring managers to market their hot candidates to. By using filters such as job functions, industries, and seniorities.

“With a deep knowledge of the industry, Super Data Ninja is a technology enabler and solution built to address the specific pain points that persist within a profession that requires more speed, accuracy, and intelligence than ever before,” says Brown.

Super Data Ninja gives recruitment professionals access to a large pool of talent and the ability to find and place hot candidates that competitors might not even know exist. No more missed targets, pushing poor candidates, or struggling to form relationships with pools of exclusive talent.

Super Data Ninja was acquired for an undisclosed sum.

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