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The Matt Brown Show delivers 100,000 watch time hours for brands

Digital TV Shows break through the clutter and noise of social media.
The Matt Brown Show delivers 100,000 watch time hours for brands
Video marketing is an industry full of buzzwords like conversion rate, load time, insights, and countless others. But watch time hours, essentially how much video is consumed by a viewer is a very important metric as it indicates the value of the content and how much of the content is being consumed and engaged with by viewers.

The higher the watch time, the more valuable the content. The Matt Brown Show has delivered 100,000 watch time hours, or six million minutes of consumed videos for brands in only 12 weeks using its latest media format - the digital TV show.

A new way to get exposure for businesses

According to serial entrepreneur and podcaster, Matt Brown, digital TV shows combine the power of video marketing, on-demand audio podcasting and the reach of paid media to change the way brands tell their stories to end customers.

“Off the back of the success of the Matt Brown Show podcast, we launched a digital TV show offering to brands to help them get their story in front of target customers and in a way that doesn’t suck,” says Brown.

According to Brown, traditional PR methods are expensive and often lack impact.

“Placing a 400-word press release for $7,500 on a single publisher’s website for exposure in only the United Arab Emirates is ridiculous. Paying $15,000 for a half page advertorial in a magazine with a total readership of less than 100,000 is insane and so is coughing up R70,000 a month for a billboard with one advertisement on it.”

“Brands need the ability to secure massive, targeted exposure in any country anywhere in the world, and fast, and digital TV shows represent a different, fresh approach to solving that problem,” he says.

Money flows where attention goes

According to Brown, getting the attention of target customers should be the number one goal of brands especially, new entrants to the market like startups and businesses launching new products.

“Attention is the battle in the never-ending war of growing a brand and business. Because money flows where attention goes. When your noisy, bigger competitors have the attention of your target customers, and you don’t, you will struggle to grow your business and win new customers fast. Digital TV shows change all that,” says Brown.

According to Brown, digital TV shows are perfect media platforms to launch the story of a startup onto a world stage and for existing incumbents to launch new products and services.

“If you’re a startup or brand who needs attention in your target market or someone who is looking for an innovative way to raise awareness of its products and solutions, digital TV shows are the new secret weapon in your content marketing arsenal.”

The Matt Brown Show media house has produced digital TV Shows for brands in Africa, Europe and North America resulting in over 100,000 watch time hours of its shows in only three months.

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