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Pii Digital overhauls the IDC to reveal an all new online presence

Pii Digital, one of South Africa's leading digital marketing agencies to specialise in bespoke web development and technology, breathes new lifeblood into the all new IDC website.

With a proven track record in having already delivered their 360 digital strategy, developed state of the art UX and UI competencies, while running successful SEO tactics and meaningful engaging social content, it was an obvious choice to task Pii Digital with the rebuild of the original IDC website structure of more than six years old.

Masters in UI and UX design and strategy, delivering multimedia and rich media executions, Pii Digital pride themselves on building responsive websites that employ made to measure development, customised CMS architecture and state of the art reporting dashboards (amongst other areas of expertise).

Following a 360 degree audit on the then IDC website, Pii Digital coding and dev architects were soon to discover that in addressing various confines and limitations of the outdated website, rebuilding an all new website representing the IDC would benefit the entity by employing a more current and contemporary coding approach. Delivering a dynamic UX, compliant to Industry Standard Development Protocols, pursuits to build a site that was mobile accessible and optimised for search engine visibility, by today’s standards, were just the tip of the technology iceberg and innovation that inevitably took shape around the new IDC site.

Outside of technical advantages to tackling the new IDC build, UX and UI specialists aspired to connecting with users on a more consequential and meaningful level, guiding users through various conversation journeys depending on their objectives of visiting the IDC website.

Taking into account user experience feedback some of the key areas to be enhanced included;
  • Fair and equal accessibility to open tenders including push notification functionality. To level out applicant playing fields, customised technology would be required in order to notify prospecting applicants and interested parties whereby as new tenders are uploaded to the IDC website, all users should be alerted via their (various) browsers.

  • Enabling bi-directional communication with IDC users through the integration of live chat functionality. Allowing for open dialogue between the IDC and their clients enables real time feedback and first line contact and support offered in the 1st person.

  • Social integration and the facilitation of immediate access to services and IDC representatives create for a more transparent and accessible user experience with the business.
Over and about addressing intrinsic usability, the new IDC website commanded a full overhaul of technology, including;
  • Design and Layout
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
Seeing the start of 2019 with a live and on-screen debut, the new IDC website launched in time for users to start the new year with a fresh new look, upgraded UX and an online experience aligned to the times.

From technology that caters to high-tech features and add-ons, improved site speeds and greater control through a bespoke CMS, the new IDC website technology today delivers improved tracking and analytics reporting while fully responsive and now compatible to mobile and tablet devices.

Alongside a pioneering approach to its coding, design and user experience of the new IDC website now sees user journeys and user interfaces more closely aligned to the communication and business objectives of the IDC. Customised with improved conversation points these now guide target audiences to the various areas of value of the website as visitors intuitively embrace an appealing, contemporary look and feel.

Founder and CEO of Pii Digital Marscelle Pillay explains; “We have a strong focus on interactive design. We are able to use our findings and observations and actively adapt our strategy and tactics, flexing to our evolving understanding of users, the way they would interact on the interface and the content they consume. In a critical balance to achieving both the users objectives and the clients business and marketing objectives", Pillay continued, "finding a middle ground of what the target audiences want to see and what the IDC has to say, it is here were we are able to achieve our optimal design and functionally."

Established in 1940, the IDC (Industrial Development Corporation) is a national development finance institution set up to promote economic growth and industrial development. Owned by the South African government under the supervision of the Economic Development Department, through the renovation of their online presence, the IDC hopes to further extend the sustainable economic growth and economic empowerment of South Africa. By promoting entrepreneurship through the building of competitive industries and enterprises, the IDC’s vision is to be the driving force of commercially sustainable industrial development and innovation for the benefit of South Africa and the rest of Africa.

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