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Hunter's refreshes the rules of iGrind

With the introduction of so many technical devices, a global world that is always connected, and a workforce that never sleeps, it is no wonder we have a generation that suffers from grind fatigue. Surrounded by narratives such as 'We all have the same 24hrs, money never sleeps, and the quest to attain that illusive bag', over-grinding has become a part of daily life. The goalpost is ever-moving, and the game that is life feels like an endless maze with no escape and little room for joy and freedom.
Hunter's refreshes the rules of iGrind

Hunter’s is stepping in and saying let’s refresh the rules of the grind and create a society that allows and inspires elective disconnection from overgrind. The call is to Cima (switch off, unplug, breakaway) and opt out of the overgrind for more life.

... the campaign aims to spotlight toxic overgrinding
that results in the breakdown of relationships
and puts pressure on mental and physical health ...

To launch this counter-play narrative of subverting the toxic hustle mentality, the brand animates a relatable and culturally relevant campaign showing a cryptocurrency Guru and a Cimist (the guy out for a fun night) both at a party. The Guru starts going off about cryptocurrency. Our film hero, the Cimist, opens a can of refreshing Hunter’s Cider where the words ‘shut up’ floats through the air and take ownership of our Guru, and in an instant, he lets his hair down.

"As a brand, we celebrate and respect hard work; the campaign aims to spotlight toxic overgrinding that results in the breakdown of relationships and puts pressure on mental and physical health. Unfortunately, the youth believe they'll fumble the bag if they don't subscribe to the 'hustle 24/7 mentality'. We are refreshing this perspective. We challenge the success formula that glorifies toxic hustle mentality", says Saarah Joubert, brand manager at Hunter’s.

Along with the digital and media campaign assets (radio and AV), Hunter’s is also introducing a digital game that will be a web app on your mobile phone. It can be accessed by scanning a QR code from packs, in-store posters, or clicking on a URL on Hunter's social media platforms. Centred around avoiding typical overgrinding situations. The main objective is to keep your character alive and healthy for as many consecutive days as possible by taking regular breaks.

“We hope that with the introduction of this campaign and bringing this insight of generational over-grinding nature, some will see the benefit to slowing down and taking a well-deserved break when necessary. By no means are we saying to stop chasing your dreams to become the best version of you. We are just saying take a break when you need it. Listen to your body and mind and try to prevent momentary burnout. Over-grinding will also be detrimental to your character, resulting in burnout and having to start over," concluded Joubert.

There are great prizes for sharing the game on social media. With the approach of incorporating relatable scenarios, you might see or understand the value in taking five minutes to yourself during a busy day, including a rest day from the gym or being able to say, “no, I won't be joining you tonight”.

The game is available on the following link -, or you can buy your Hunter's to enjoy when you are winding down and scan the QR code on the pack.

Follow Hunter’s social media platforms for more spot prizes, giveaways, and for entertaining content centred on how to find balance.

Hunter's – Refresh the Rules.

#HuntersRefreshes #RefreshTheGrind

Hunter’s promotes responsible drinking. Not for persons under 18.

For more information, follow the Hunter’s social media channels, or go to
Instagram: @HuntersCider
Facebook: @HuntersCider
Twitter: @HuntersCider
YouTube: HuntersCider

About Hunter’s

Hunter’s offers a burst of natural cider for guys and girls looking for real refreshment from the first sip. Hunter’s was launched in 1988 as a refreshing, masculine alternative to beer. Its popularity has grown since its launch, making it the second-largest cider brand in South Africa and the go-to thirst quencher for every occasion. The Hunter’s range includes Hunter’s Dry, Hunter’s Gold, Hunter’s Hard Lemon, Hunter’s Export and Hunter’s Chilled Non-Alcoholic.

Distell, a global business with roots in South Africa, produces and markets a diverse portfolio of award-winning alcoholic brands that have been crafted by extraordinary people across the world. Some of these brands include Amarula, Savanna, Hunter's Dry, Durbanville Hills and Nederburg.

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