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#HopeJoanna, 'When we have hope, we have everything'

We are pleased to announce the launch of #HopeJoanna, a social movement that taps into and reflects the renewed sense of hope and optimism amongst South Africans. Hope Joanna draws on the historic song by Eddy Grant to tell the story of how South Africans know how to face tough odds and come out triumphant.

#HopeJoanna is a campaign and a movement that traces the challenges we have faced in recent times, and how we have always used hope to imagine and build a better future. What is fascinating about this piece of work is that even as it was being made, South Africa was going through a key moment of socio-political high drama. Here was a case of fiction and life blurring in dramatic fashion. South Africa creates strong characters and that is why ours is a resilient nation.

As part of the launch of the Hope Joanna campaign, we are releasing a powerful piece of visual creative that shows just how resilient we are as a nation. The highs and lows of the past thirty years are presented in dramatic cinematic fashion.

The band Freshly Ground lends their unique voice to Eddy Grant’s 1988 song to make it unmistakably South African and 21st century. When it first hit the airwaves in 1988, the Apartheid authorities immediately banned the song, but that did not stop it from becoming an anti-Apartheid anthem. The new treatment brings the song to a new generation and is a powerful reminder of the links that connect one generation to the next. Rob Roy, CEO and founder of award-winning company Robroy Music, explains: “We adapted Zolani's from Freshly Ground vocals and rearranged the song in an electro-house style. Musical breaks were incorporated to highlight certain moments in the edit and the music built to a crescendo to emphasise the positive message.”

By tracing watershed moments in the history of the country over the last three decades, this bold creative reminds us all that whenever we have moments of great adversity, we have rallied together and been able to triumph. This is why the pay-off line, "When We Have Hope, We Have Everything", is more than just a campaign slogan. It perfectly captures the social DNA of South Africans and best explains the use of hope as the fuel for a better tomorrow.

Clinton Bridgeford, executive creative director at Grid Worldwide, the creative agency that produced the campaign, describes the creative process: “Those who watch the creative closely will note that in creating this groundbreaking piece, we have juxtaposed moments of creativity with archival footage. Not only that but in many instances in recreating some of the historical moments, we have used the actual locations to ensure a high level of authenticity. As the team that put this work together, it gave us a chance to reflect personally on the journey we have travelled over last 30 years, and quite frankly much of it was awe-inspiring. Nothing was spared in captivating the truth. It’s a reminder to all South Africans that our hard-won freedom needs to be cherished and built on.”

Teboho Mahlatsi, director at The Bomb Shelter, describes that “we are a nation that knows how to triumph in the face of great adversity. I truly believe that it is important to bring this dazzling piece of creative to a generation of millennials that are the future of this country. It is important that they grasp that South Africa has always known how to overcome its challenges.”

#HopeJoanna belongs to all South Africans and we invite you to share and comment on the television commercial as well as the other elements of the campaign. To do so please follow this movement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and please remember to also share freely on WhatsApp.


CEO: David Cohen
ECD:Clinton Bridgeford
CREATIVE DIRECTOR:Jan Hendrik Labuschagne
ART DIRECTOR: Marais Janse van Rensburg
PRODUCER:Gavin Joubert
DIRECTOR:Teboho Mahlatsi
EDITOR:Andrew Trail
SOUND ENGINEER:Miquel / Rob Schroeder

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Jacque Heyneke
But we don't mention farm murders right, well I guess that is isn't a political issue then is it?
Posted on 25 May 2018 19:24