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Google slashes Google Drive storage prices offering new age data storage tools

AHMEDABAD, INDIA / SANTA CLARA, US: I believe Google Drive has emerged as the most awesome tool for data storage and cloud based processing...

It's nothing short of magic, since, I think, it allows you to do many things. In addition to this, Google Drive is dubbed as one of the most secure, reliable and simple storage device as compared to other options like Dropbox, SkyDrive, iCloud, Amazon S3 etc.

And in the last few years, Google has unveiled numerous special supports for Drive users with developers working around to give more flexibility with hundreds of highly popular apps for Chrome users.

This write-up is an attempt to show various advanced data processing technique that offer efficient, quicker and easy cloud storage using Google Drive.

As a matter of fact, there are around 11 different and highly admired stuff that one can do using Google Drive, however, here we will take a look at 5 of them.

Google slashes Google Drive storage prices offering new age data storage tools

#1 Pixlr Express
This image-editing tool allows you to generate new effects, do some adjustments in the image, creation of overlay, types, stickers, crop and ample editing initials like Photoshop. The app can easily connect to the Google drive cloud through Google chrome or else one can directly browse for more apps on Google drive.

Pixlr Express offers you some of the most awesome features like:
• Drag and drop an image on using the Browser
• Adding more effects, filters, borders, stickers, text types and much more.

#2 Form Creation at Google Drive
Free form creation - This app that makes creation of contact form for the website or blog for free! If someone wants to have multiple input options and highly secured data sharing skills. Once a new form is created on Google Drive, it can be either shared with public or privacy settings can be set to hide it from public view. One can also adjust form fields as well as pick up form styles to add a personal touch to it.

#3 Convenient Keyboard Shortcuts
One of the best features of Google drive is that it can be conveniently controlled using your desktop keyboard shortcuts. You can access any desired path in Google drive just by using keyboard shortcuts. This gives flexibility to perform functions like upload, download and share the files with the mere use of keyboard shortcuts, which apparently are faster than the mouse.

#4 Google Drive Files Can Be Inter-Linked Using Gmail
Now that's the beauty! - You use the uploaded files in Gmail using the Google drive and promptly send the data, unlike other conventional file attachment and uploading options in Gmail. File here on Drive is completely safe, quicker and with zero tolerance to malware and other viruses.

#5 Google Script in Google Drive
Since Google script is considered as one of the most powerful tools to make application for similar projects. Moreover, you can create a RSS feed for social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn and enabling you to share wonderful stuffs on a daily basis.

All in all, Google Drive allows you to perform astounding things making cloud storage as one of most preferred storage tools.

These are all the tactics of the modern technology offering you the convenience to share and carry out routine activities. However; it is strongly recommended, and you would agree to it, that for certain aspects of data storage and cloud-based processing or advanced data processing techniques or even for image processing, you need assistance from professionals for data processing who cater to your needs for the results that you desire and deserve.

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