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Airbnb Experiences a new stream of revenue in Johannesburg

Since launching in 2016, Experiences on Airbnb has gone from strength-to-strength both globally and locally, with over 13,000 Experiences across 180 cities worldwide and a growth of 2,500 in the past year. Now with its launch in Johannesburg, it will offer the city and its people a chance to become part of the local economy.
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Experiences are activities or excursions that are led by passionate local hosts, highlighting their interests and perspective as well as unique places many visitors might not otherwise get to experience. After the launch of Experiences in Cape Town in 2016 Johannesburg hosts are excited to finally get the chance to show off their city while becoming part of the local economy.

"The Experiences in Johannesburg show the vibrancy of the City of Gold. From urban farming to the real Soweto to some of the best nightlife spots - travellers can truly immerse themselves in one of Africa’s most energetic cities through Experiences,” says Velma Corcoran, country manager for Airbnb South Africa.

"The expansion of Experiences across all of South Africa will help to boost tourism outside of city centres by attracting more people to rural and regional areas. Experiences help spread the benefits of hosting to those who do not have space in their house to rent out. This is also a fantastic way for visitors and locals to experience parts of South Africa that they would otherwise miss had it not been for these Experiences led by passionate locals."

Also on offer in Johannesburg are Social Impact Experiences where 100% of the proceeds benefit the hosting organisation while Airbnb forgoes their usual fee. Training With Boxing Grannies is one of those available to be booked on the platform. Hosted by The A Team Foundation, the Experience helps promote fitness and bodybuilding in underserved areas and hosting an Experience on Airbnb raises funds to renew training material and pay the fitness trainers. Organiser Claude Maphosa is thrilled at the prospect of showcasing his passion for travellers and locals alike.

"Hosting a Social Impact Experience is a great opportunity to raise funds for our NPO. We are looking forward to meeting people from around the world and to encourage them to look after their seniors."

Around 30% of Experiences booked in South Africa are Social Impact Experiences that support different associations and NGOs.

Those interested in being an Experience host anywhere in South Africa are welcome to submit their Experience.
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