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Using international phone cards or VoIP phone services

There are various reasons why you may want to travel overseas and the modern businessman often finds himself in this situation. When a business trip is necessary, because of the way in which we do business these days, staying in contact with partners and family is needed.

The problem with the international phone calls that were done with the use of landlines was that associated costs were simply too high. It is quite difficult to pay the really high premiums even these days.

The good news is that technology has advanced at a really high rate. Various options are now available to make international business phone calls cheaper than anyone imagined a few years ago. Two of the opportunities that stand out as the most common are:

  • International phone cards - you get a card and you use it to make a phone call
  • VoIP phone services - you make phone calls right through the internet and a WiFi connection. An example can be seen here:

n order to help you choose something that is perfect for you based on your business, here are some extra facts of importance about both of them.

VoIP phone service

This is a service that is normally carried over through broadband internet connections. There is no need to have a desktop computer in order to utilise VoIP phone services. You just need good internet connections, which are available in most places you would go to for business purposes anyway.

The huge advantage that is associated with VoIP phone services is the convenience of use that is offered. The devices that you use will work just as the normal phone will and there is no extra operation that would be needed. There are also some interesting possibly bundled benefits that you would love, like free voicemail or even free international calling in various situations.

For the modern businessman, this can be seen as the best option. The service that is offered will usually guarantee proper connections and there are fewer technical problems that will appear when compared with other opportunities available on the market.

The international calling cards

This is basically the main alternative available to the traditional phone line. In most cases you prepay the cards and you get a fixed amount of minutes that is available at a specific flat rate. Long distance calling phone cards will feature one main advantage over the VoIP option in the fact that there is no connection to a physical location. You can take the card with you wherever you go and you can use the cards through basically all phone systems. The disadvantage is that VoIP is more convenient, especially when referring to prices. You will pay more for the international calling cards, although sellers will try to hide that from you.

As you can easily see, we can say that for the modern businessman that needs to make overseas phone calls, the VoIP option is the one that is the best and that has to be seriously taken into account.

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