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  • Eni, BP in talks over oil and gas assets in Algeria
    BP and Eni are in talks over the future of their oil and gas assets in Algeria as the two groups increase efforts to refocus their businesses to tackle falling margins, rising debt and climate pressures, three sources said. Europe's top energy companies are cutting back their oil and gas portfolios to keep only the assets most likely to be profitable and redeploy capital for a transition to clean energy as uncertainty mounts over future demand for fossil fuel. By Ron Bousso, Dmitry Zhdannikov & Stephen Jewkes
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    FAO launches Green Cities Initiative to help transform agri-food systems

    Turning the recovery from Covid-19 into an opportunity for cities to become more sustainable, resilient, and provide access to healthy foods for all...

    23 Sep 2020

    Smaller farmer's fields can reduce biodiversity loss and increase wild plants, birds, beetles and bats

    The steep decline in biodiversity is worrying, especially as wild species are important for pollination and pest control...

    By Lenore Fahrig 13 Jul 2020

    Can African smallholders farm themselves out of poverty?

    Smallholder farming might not be able to generate enough value on its own, but farmers still need support...

    12 Dec 2019

    #SACSCCongress: How green roofs can contribute to people, profit and planet

    Vacant rooftops across all major cities around the world are a dime a dozen. Their concrete surfaces aren't just a waste of space in a highly urbanised world, but also contribute to the heat island effect that afflicts these built-up areas. So why not farm on them?

    By Sindy Peters 23 Oct 2019

    UJ to host inaugural African Conference on Vertical Farming and Urban Agriculture

    iZindaba Zokudla (Conversations about Food) will this month host the inaugural conference for the African Association for Vertical Farming (AAVF) at the University of Johannesburg's (UJ) Soweto Campus, 9-10 April...

    5 Apr 2019

    Three ways cities can help feed the world, without costing the Earth

    Climate change is underway, and human activities such as urbanisation, industrialisation and food production are key contributors...

    By Silvio Caputo 4 Apr 2019

    Agricultural policies need to address child labour concerns

    Driven in part by an increase in conflicts and climate-induced disasters, the number of child labourers in agriculture worldwide has increased substantially from 98 million to 108 million since 2012 after more than a decade of continuous decline, according to the latest estimates...

    13 Jun 2018

    FAO's how-to guide to transforming food and agriculture

    FAO's set of 20 interconnected actions offers a practical guide for countries on how to strengthen food security, generate decent employment, spur rural development and economic growth, conserve natural resources and respond to climate change...

    8 Jun 2018

    Innovation, people key to creating a sustainable bioeconomy

    A sustainable bioeconomy "is foremost about nature and the people who take care of and produce biomass." This means family farmers, forest people and fishers, who are also "holders of important knowledge on how to manage natural resources in a sustainable way."

    25 Apr 2018

    We know how food production needs to change if crisis is to be avoided - so why isn't this happening?

    Business as usual is no longer an option for food and agriculture. The global agriculture system will have to be radically transformed to avoid further environmental and social problems...

    By Nina Moeller & Michel Pimbert 27 Mar 2018

    Sustainable diets will remain a minefield until we change the way we approach food

    With profit-making still at the top of the food industry agenda - and the environmental costs of many food products hidden by complex supply chains - we need more than consumer power alone to achieve a truly sustainable food system...

    By Chris West, Bob Doherty & Tony Heron 20 Mar 2018

    Nominations open for the 2018 Africa Food Prize

    The prize celebrates Africans who are taking control of Africa's agriculture agenda. It puts a bright spotlight on bold initiatives and innovations that can be replicated across the continent to create a new era of food security and economic opportunity for all Africans...

    1 Feb 2018

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