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Healthcare South Africa

BizTop stories
Flu shots on the go with Discovery Health and Uber
With winter and the dreaded flu season around the corner, Discovery Health has teamed up with Uber to provide flu shots
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Health tax deterrent goes up in smoke
The increase in excise tax on tobacco products above the inflation rate, announced in the Budget Speech in February, was erroneously lauded by tobacco control lobbyists... read
Hospital Groups
COHSASA's contribution to Africa Health 2018


Jacqui Stewart, COHSASA CEO, will chair the Quality Management Conference, one of 16 conferences at Africa Health, the largest platform in the African healthcare market... read
Medical Technology
Powering the future of healthcare bookings

Nicci Botha

A health services online booking system developed by a local tech entrepreneur has got the thumbs up from Discovery for its inhouse wellness programme... read
Public Health
Herbex makes unproven claims about weight loss products

Anne Cebulski and Eryn Scannell

Advertising Standards Authority uses its fangs again after years of litigation... read
[EXCLUSIVE] North West could run out of medicine within days

Nelisiwe Msomi

North West hospitals and clinics could run out of medicine in just days as a go-slow at its central medicine depot enters its second month, provincial communications Tebogo Lekgethwane has confirmed... read
The urgency of curbing pollution from ships, explained

James J. Winebrake and James J. Corbett

The International Maritime Organization, a United Nations agency that regulates global shipping, is writing new rules to curb greenhouse gas emissions from ships by 2050... read
The role of mobile in building brand loyalty

Nicholas Bednall

With falling consumer confidence and a slow economic growth outlook, brands are intensifying the fight for consumer loyalty... read
Cape Town International Airport to be renamed after Nelson Mandela

Ilse van den Berg

NEWSWATCH: Airports Company SA has announced that Cape Town International Airport will be renamed but, despite Julius Malema's suggestion, not after Winnie Madikizela-Mandela... read
Malaria parasites present in 25% of donor blood in some African countries, study suggests:
Can quack remedies get any weirder? A naturopath purports to treat kids' aggressive behavior with rabid dog saliva.
A new study signals a paradigm shift in lung cancer: "If you want to see long-term survival, you've got to give imm...
"Hundreds of infants die each year gasping for air. Now, many won't have to. Read why via our @adrikotze."
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