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#BeautifulNews: Farieda Abrahams reclaims the story of District Six
Peering over her glasses, Farieda Abrahams reads aloud from the book she’s just published. As her voice softens, her eyebrows furrow. Precious memories are embedded into every word. How could the feelings of revisiting her childhood not erupt on the grandmother’s face? Growing up in the District Six area of Cape Town, Abrahams watched how drugs, gangsterism and unemployment ravaged the community after the apartheid government forcefully removed them. But for years, she kept the stories of the past on the back page while raising her three children and six grandchildren. Though she fulfilled her obligation to her family, Abrahams had a bigger duty – to share her personal and painful history. Read Farieda Abrahams' full story...
19 Feb 2019 11:04
#BeautifulNews: To end hunger, sometimes you have to think inside the box
People can’t function when they’re hungry. But every day, children across South Africa are forced to attend classes without having something to eat. Benjamin Constable realised this while coaching basketball at a primary school in Durban. “This just struck me as the most obvious challenge South Africa faces,” he says. “How do you grow and develop if your stomach’s empty?” Trying to uplift kids with sport took a back seat. The children needed nourishment. Constable’s solution didn’t lie outside the box, but in one. For Benjamin Constable's full story,...
14 Feb 2019 10:09
#BeautifulNews: A cappuccino and a dash of catnip - inside SA’s first cat café
Cape Town may be known for its coffee culture, but Valerie Steinmann’s café offers more than a freshly-brewed espresso. Instead, servings of plain milk or water are the order of the day, with a side serving of catnip. That’s because the patrons here are mostly feline. Inspired by her travels to Asia where cat cafés are a trend, Steinmann returned to open South Africa’s first. But rather than exclusively indulging the novelty of being surrounded by kittens while enjoying a meal, she decided to expand on the idea for a greater purpose. Read Valerie Steinmann's full story...
12 Feb 2019 13:04
#BeautifulNews: Girl power will change the world. These drummies are leading the way
Hope Abrahams forgot about ballroom dancing before she even signed up for it. When the Grade 1 learner arrived for classes, something else caught her eye. Light sparkled off sequined dresses. White boots marched perfectly in sync. Drum majorettes deftly threw their maizes in the air, catching them with ease as they hurtled back to the ground. One girl in particular stood out. She displayed exceptional skill and courage as she led the team, a smile on her face. Abrahams was captivated, and joined drummies instead. Read Hope Abrahams' full...
7 Feb 2019 09:28
#BeautifulNews: These T-shirts are our armour against stigma
Charlie Jacobs was keeping silent. He’d discovered he was HIV positive by accident, and remained in denial for years, refusing treatment. When he found himself close to death, Jacobs realised he had to face reality if he wanted to live. He started taking ARVs – a major step towards accepting his status. But it wasn’t enough. Jacobs needed to speak out against stigma, and he found a way to do it with a T-shirt. Read Charlie Jacobs' full story...
5 Feb 2019 13:06
#BeautifulNews: Puppy love can teach us the meaning of ubuntu
It’s a long walk from Smangaliso Nyoni’s home to join his pack. His canine friends await his arrival, eager for treats and play time. Since Nyoni brought his own puppy to the SPCA, he hasn’t stopped returning to volunteer. “When I’m with dogs my troubles don’t exist,” he says. But Nyoni’s bond with them made him the target of bullies. Children in his community mocked him for his loyalty. They didn’t understand why he cared so much for the creatures. The bullying continued, getting progressively worse, until they burnt down his shack. Nyoni lost his school books, uniform, and clothes. Read Smangaliso Nyoni's full story...
31 Jan 2019 05:40
#BeautifulNews: This tiny violinist will pluck at your heartstrings
Olona Mjakuca draws the bow across her violin, a look of sheer concentration on her face. The instrument is almost as big as her. But the seven-year-old plays with confidence, balancing the violin on her shoulder with the poise of a seasoned performer. It’s a far cry from the introverted girl she was not so long ago. The sound of the strings has transformed Mjakuca, bringing the magic of music to her life. Her teacher, Tembisa Ntshongontshi, has been influential in helping Mjakuca come out of her shell. Read Tembisa Ntshongontshi's full story...
29 Jan 2019 09:50
#BeautifulNews: The drug-busting pilot who beat prejudice from the skies
Engines roar as jets land and take off from the tarmac. Fatima Jakoet steps into the cockpit, adjusting her hijab and pilot’s cap. To her, this is the sound of adventure. Jakoet used to work as a toxicology and narcotics specialist. But while conducting a drug bust at an airport, she became transfixed by a Boeing 747. The sight flooded her with nostalgia of watching planes cross the sky as a little girl. Jakoet realised that she didn’t want to work alongside the aircraft – she wanted to fly it. But it would take a turbulent ride for her to reach that dream. Read Fatima Jakoet's full story...
24 Jan 2019 08:12
#BeautifulNews: When poachers attack, this nurse is a lifeline for orphaned rhinos
Rhinos may look tough with their double horns and thick skin. But the iconic creatures have sensitive souls. Jade Aldridge didn’t expect to fall in love with the gentle beasts. When the veterinary nurse came to South Africa to volunteer in wildlife rehabilitation, she was confronted with the realities of rhino poaching. She began to take care of calves whose mothers had been killed after seeing the life-threatening position the orphaned animals were in. “I wanted to make a difference,” she says. Aldridge made a decision to put down roots here and fight for their lives. Read Jade Aldridge's full story...
22 Jan 2019 09:42
#BeautifulNews: Nonhlanhla Joye grew a farm in plastic packets
Nonhlanhla Joye was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. While chemotherapy challenged her strength, her immediate concern wasn’t her health. Too sick to return to work, Joye’s priority was finding a way to put food on the table for her family. So the daughter of a farmer turned to what she knew best and started planting vegetables outside her home in Cato Manor. But what Joye hoped would be a solution turned into a disaster. The chickens roaming around the township got to her garden, destroying her harvest. If Joye was to succeed, some creativity was needed. That’s how she started farming in a plastic packet. Read Nonhlanhla Joye's full story...
17 Jan 2019 06:28
#BeautifulNews: Everybody needs support. This coach will always have your back
Before the game ends, Nokulunga Mvandaba’s netball team already know they are winners. The coach has taught them to build up each other’s self-worth, not just how to score goals. She knows the difference support can have. While at university, someone Mvandaba trusted sexually assaulted her. Like many women who go through this, she was emotionally vulnerable and unable to deal with what had happened. “I felt like I had no one to speak to,” Mvandaba says. “It resulted in a lot of self-destructive behaviour.” Turning to alcohol and drugs to cope, her life spiraled downhill as she moved further away from her family. The experience had robbed Mvandaba of her sense of purpose. That changed when she picked up a netball, and her life. Read Nokulunga Mvandaba's full story...
10 Jan 2019 08:18
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