Are retailers using tech correctly?
Are retailers using tech correctly?

The digital shift in retail does not refer only to the notion that customers will one day forgo physical stores and shop exclusively online. Rather in the digital age, it interrogates how brick-and-mortar retailers are incorporating technology into their daily operations to encourage a digital shopping experience for customers - while enhancing their own operations in the process.

By Sebastian Isaac 10 hours ago

Laura Swanepoel, head of healthcare, building services, WSP in Africa
High performance, smart hospitals in Africa

The next generation of healthcare buildings will be very different from the hospitals, clinics and general practitioner (GP) surgeries we are familiar with today. A revolution in building design is already underway, which has largely been prompted by an acceleration of technological innovation, changing population demographics, shifts in expectations of how healthcare should be provided and environmental considerations.

By Laura Swanepoel 13 hours ago