The most prestigious platform to engage with manufacturers

The Manufacturing Indaba 2018 is taking place at Johannesburg's Sandton Convention Centre, in the economic hub of Africa, from 19-20 June. This event is set to provide current and prospective manufacturers from across Sub-Saharan Africa with an exciting and collaborative platform from which they can develop indispensable networks with other key industry players. Manufacturers will also be able to establish fruitful business liaisons to support each other and exploring new technologies in the wake of Industry 4.0, otherwise known as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution".
Over the last five years, the Manufacturing Indaba has been recognised as a highlight in the industry. The Indaba welcomes all current and prospective manufacturers as well as government and industry leaders. In recent years, global advancements of technology have changed the way industries conduct business and are subsequently set to alter how sub-Saharan Africa industries execute business too. This year’s conference aims to provide the region’s industry players with opportunities to establish and secure valuable relationships with relevant stakeholders in the sector. This will provide manufacturers with the necessary support required to embrace these technological progressions, so they can strategically position themselves in anticipation of the inevitable economic changes.

Owing to previous success rates, the Small Business Indaba will be hosted for the third year, where manufacturing experts, Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) leaders and entrepreneurs will advise prospective entrants through a series of captivating panel discussions. These dialogues will cover various financing opportunities and promising supplier development programmes available to Small and Medium Enterprise owners.

The Manufacturing Indaba will feature esteemed industry experts and leaders speaking in the forum, including Thomas Schaefer, Chairman and Managing Director for Volkswagen Group South Africa; Eustace Mashimbye, Chief Executive Officer of Proudly South African; Flora Mutahi, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Melvin Marsh International Ltd and Yash Ramkolowan Manager for Trade & Investment at DNA Economics, amongst others.

This year's conference will also host a personalised Business Matchmaking system. This one of a kind initiative will provide conference delegates with the opportunity to connect with influencers relevant to their individual profiles and goals through pre-arranged and private meetings, conveniently held in a centralised venue.

Using local manufacturers within the sub-Saharan region brings with it a multitude of benefits for stakeholders in the industry. Some of these advantages include, but are not limited to, greater quality control of one’s products; quicker turnaround times and iterations; allowances for smaller minimum order quantities; more competitive pricing; convenient payment terms due to working directly with the manufacturer; seamless communication and understanding as well as reduced delivery costs. Anyone seeking a wholesale supplier or a manufacturer to produce their products will find this year’s Indaba the ideal venue to meet Africa's finest manufacturers across a wide scope of sectors.

The Manufacturing Indaba has evolved annually and has demonstrated invaluable initiatives in fostering significant business liaisons, forging gateways for manufacturers into new markets and exploring challenges and opportunities to promote innovation in manufacturing operations, which has made it sub-Saharan Africa’s most prestigious manufacturing event.

Attending this conference is a unique opportunity, providing anyone vested in the manufacturing sector with the understanding, knowledge sharing, and insight into the latest global trends as well as engaging dialogue discussions.

All this intends to encourage manufacturers to enter new markets as well as establish advanced solutions and business models to grow competitive and sustainable businesses, ultimately contributing to the growth of the economy within which they operate.