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Opportunities for learners with disability

Over 350 learners with disabilities have enrolled for the Early Childhood Development level 4 learnership at Eskilz College. The learners will be doing three to four months theory and nine to 10 months practicals, and next year they will be enrolling in level 5 which will qualify them as Grade R teachers working with children from the ages 0-6 years. The goal for Eskilz College is to close the gap in the demand for Early Childhood Practitioners and to provide skills and employment for people with disabilities.

An Early Childhood Development qualification affords these learners with career opportunities such as working at ECD centres, primary schools and crèches. But Eskilz doesn’t just want it to end there; the learners will be assisted to register with The South African Council of Educators (SACE) and also assisted and encouraged to open up their own ECD centres in their communities.

The learnership covers modules such as:
  1. Working with families and communities to support early childhood development;
  2. Demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the development of babies, toddlers and young children;
  3. Facilitating the holistic development of babies, toddlers and young children, and more.
The learners will be receiving a monthly stipend that covers transport for their theory and practicals. They will be placed with ECD centres closer to their residencies upon completion of their theory where they will be doing their practical work placement. This is a great opportunity and the learners and Eskilz College are super-excited to walk this road together.

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Eskilz College
Established in 2002, Eskilz is an accredited training provider that was established to assist levy paying companies to access their skills development levies. Once clients started enquiring about add on services Eskilz then took the opportunity to add to it's offerings.