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#BizTrends2018: Healthy, rainbow food is 2018 trend for SA foodies

Uber Eats has unveiled the most popular 2018 food trends in South Africa. Uber Eats looked at the most popular ingredients and dishes searched for by South Africans over the last six months to draw its conclusion.
According to the 2018 Uber Eats Food Cast, South Africans will be looking for healthier but interesting options and will be feasting on everything from seaweed to tofu. Based on Uber Eats search data, dishes containing rainbow food, edamame, and sriracha will also be in high demand among South Africans in 2018. Other food items predicted to become trendsetters also include coconut, brown rice, and celery with cauliflower, tuna and toast not far behind.

Someone tell me why I’ve been sleeping on Buddha bowls the past few months! �� I had them all the time in the summer and until like last week i had forgotten how satisfying and tastayy they are. Deets for this one below! On a side note, i had quite the relaxing day to myself today! Did an early workout this morning at the gym followed by that delicious toast i posted, walked the dogs, worked on my online class, went and saw a movie, and somewhere between all of that i had the aforementioned Buddha bowl. Hope you all had a great day yourselves �� • • In the bowl ����: spinach, quinoa, avo (I’m really liking it now guys!��), shredded carrot, roasted Japanese sweet potato, corn, pesto, salsa, broccoli shoots, everything bagel seasoning, hemp hearts, and pepitas!

A post shared by Tayler McKellop (@cleaneatsbytay) on

Head of Uber Eats User Research Jeanette Mellinger says, “Connecting people with the food they want is a critical part of getting there, which is why we kicked off 2018 by looking at the foods that are trending globally. The better we can understand our consumers, the better we can serve them through products built with their needs in mind.” Uber Eats SA GM Nic Robertson explains further, “In 2017 we saw South Africans embrace plant and superfood-based meals with trendsetters like avocado on toast and poke bowls going mainstream. Plant-based foods are set to increase in popularity in 2018, with ingredients such as cucumber, avocado, and even sriracha likely to appear on menus across the country.

Novelty foods like rainbow inspired dishes or trendy foods such as those with ingredients dyed black are also high our 2018 wish list. As these and many other trends become a staple part of our eating habits, we look forward to continuing to use our technology to make eating well effortless, every day for everyone.”
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