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New press offices

Brian Gamanya Porte Brand Manufacturing Company has opened a press office on Bizcommunity.com!

Brian Gamanya PTY (LTD) is leading manufacturer, importer and brander of Corporate Clothing, Corporate Gifts, Protective Clothes, Promotional Gifts, Promotional Clothing and Headwear.

How well do you know the consumers who use your brand?

Before you can begin formulating brand strategy, you have to ask the question, "Who uses the brand?" In fact, this is not a single question, but many questions...

Issued by All Told 13 hours ago

Position, position, position

The position of a property is a key factor dictating potential value when a property is up for rental or sale. In branding terms 'positioning' is the art of ensuring companies, products or services attain best returns for acquisition or investment...

Issued by Off The Shelf 14 hours ago

#BizTrends2019: If 'toxic' was the word of 2018, could 'trust' be the word for 2019?

The Oxford Dictionaries chose 'toxic' as its annual "Word of the Year". For 2019, the winning brands will be those that work to restore consumers' trust in a toxic environment...

By Rachel Thompson 15 hours ago

Influencer marketing company expands to Nigeria

Leading influencer marketing platform builds Nigerian base for ongoing African growth...

1 day ago

#VWDriveDry: Take home lessons

On Thursday, 10 January 2019, Twitter went into a frenzy over what appeared to be Nomuzi "Moozlie" Mabena in a car crash captured on InstaLive...

By Sheila Afari 1 day ago

The heart and soul of research

Refiloe Hoohlo-Zephyrine believes that asking the right questions is the key to a winning strategy...

By Refiloe Hoohlo-Zephyrine, Issued by Blue Apple 1 day ago

Brand Finance releases report for the world's most valuable brands in 2019

Italian supercar manufacturer, Ferrari, has reclaimed the title of the world's strongest brand, having last held it in 2014, according to the latest report by Brand Finance...

2 days ago

#NewCampaign: What matters to you, matters to Metropolitan

Metropolitan recently launched a campaign to reintroduce the brand to the market and get its clients optimistic about their future and the role the company plays in helping them achieve their financial goals and life aspirations...

By Jessica Tennant 18 Jan 2019

Redefining the national conversation as Brand South Africa, BLSA and SA INC. join forces

The team at Regency Global, producers of the SA INC. TV series, has announced a partnership with Brand South Africa and BLSA...

Issued by Brand South Africa 18 Jan 2019

Agile, mobile, and accessible: Programmatic is the new startup

Many marketing departments will have to decide how much of their digital adspend should go on premium inventory and how much should go on programmatic. Keabetswe Kgomongwe from Hoorah examines why we should reframe the choice by comparing the two to established businesses and startups respectively...

By Keabetswe Kgomongwe 17 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: Africa is one of the major players in the global economic future

New APO Group CEO, Lionel Reina, gives Bizcommunity.Africa his trend predictions for 2019...

17 Jan 2019

Transit advertising (A 'Quantum' leap into commuters)

Almost 70% of working-class citizens use minibus taxis also known as 'Quantum' to get to work and back. It is believed to be a powerful brand carrier as it holds the highest brand recall when fully wrapped in a vinyl that provides 100% brand exclusivity...

By Omphemetse Mokwena 16 Jan 2019

Deception is the lowest form of marketing

People first engage with people and brands for many reasons related to the first-impression they create - but they stay engaged when there is recognition of, and comfort in the VALUES of those people and brands...

By Nick Grubb 16 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: Technology and other packaging disruptors in 2019

Packaging design in South Africa in 2019 will be shaped (at an alarming rate) by changes in technology and the way products are viewed and selected...

By Gail Macleod 14 Jan 2019

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