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#ECO19: Is your mobile commerce strategy excluding the mass market?

When you design for mobile, consider what you're building for, and more importantly, who you're building for. The small percentage with beautiful, high-end phones, or for 61% of the market?

By Lauren Hartzenberg 2 days ago

Focus shifts to a mobile economy in Africa

Africa is set to be the next big mobile market and the mobile economy is expected to generate more than $150 billion by 2022 to Africa's GDP...

By Josephine Wawira 19 Mar 2019 excels in the MMA top Digital/Specialist Agency Rankings, one of Africa's fastest growing mobile marketing agencies, has been ranked among the top five EMEA Digital/Specialist Agencies...

Issued by 19 Mar 2019

Cybersecurity tips for app development companies

App development companies that wish to make a name for themselves are in the process of studying every possible sector....

By Harnil Oza 19 Mar 2019

VisitAbility video case study

Vicinity Media has launched VisitAbility - an attribution reporting product in 2018. This case study highlights the success of this global first to market innovation...

Issued by Vicinity Media 18 Mar 2019

What drives mobile advertising performance?

Amasa invites you to their next Ignite Monthly Forum, this time hosted by Facebook at their offices over cocktails and canapés...

Issued by Amasa 15 Mar 2019

#NedbankIMC2019: The tech, the trends and the timeless truths of marketing

Instead of asking how marketing is going to change in 10 years' time, David Duarte, CEO of Treeshake, believes it's a far more valuable question to ask how marketing is going to stay the same. In his words, 'What are the timeless truths of the marketing industry?'

By Jessica Tennant 15 Mar 2019

How data collected from mobile phones can help electricity planning

Access to reliable and affordable electricity brings many benefits. It supports the growth of small businesses, allows students to study at night and protects health...

By Eduardo Alejandro Martínez Ceseña, Joseph Mutale, Mathaios Panteli, and Pierluigi Mancarella 14 Mar 2019

#OrchidsandOnions: Kudos for the walking billboards campaign

And Elon Musk scores an Orchid for showing he cares about dogs - but as for Chas Everitt...

By Brendan Seery 12 Mar 2019

Why children's social media safety is in the spotlight after the wake of the #Momochallenge hoax

Described by Paper magazine as a "...saucer-eyed, lipless bird lady with trendy bangs and Voldemort nostrils," it's easy to see why Momo is the latest social media scare, as it's reportedly being hacked into child-friendly apps such as Peppa Pig, Fornite and YouTube Kids. But read this before you ban your young ones from using the internet...

By Leigh Andrews 6 Mar 2019

Mobile wallets still have a way to go

Mobile wallets just haven't lived up to expectations...

6 Mar 2019

SA brands and agencies top the rankings in MMA's global business impact index

Winners of the Mobile Marketing Association's annual Business Impact Index (BII) have been announced in New York and South African brands and agencies have consistently outperformed international peers...

6 Mar 2019

Please will somebody answer the phone?

Some of us are old enough to remember the days when you went out of the office and came back to the ever-grumpy office receptionist flapping a pile of messages for you from "all the people who had tried to phone you while you were out"...

Issued by All Told 27 Feb 2019

Marketers need to redefine the conversion path in order to build CLV

People are spending their time wisely, applying this sense of urgency to even the way in which they shop. The service provider who is able to offer the consumer a solution immediately is the most likely to win the conversion...

By Pieter Geyser 26 Feb 2019

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