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SA's growing appetite for convenience an opportunity for retailers, manufacturers

South African consumers are facing an increasingly stressful, time-starved lifestyle which has created a burgeoning demand for convenient solutions that can help simplify their lives...

12 Sep 2018

Online spend in SA will hit R45bn in 2018, and consumers are shopping the globe

South Africans are forecasted to spend over R45 billion online this year, with over 60% making a purchase from an overseas retailer...

11 Sep 2018

Dmg events launches key food innovation conference to the market

From 27-28 September, FoodNext.Africa will bring together startups, food innovators, foodtech businesses, investors and partners who are redefining the food industry from farm to fork...

Issued by dmg events Africa 29 Aug 2018

Trendzilla alert: Tech builds tailor-made trust

The hyper-connected multiverse of tomorrow is today. Brands can get washed away, overwhelmed by the virtual trend wave, or they can surf the possibilities in this era of omni-channeling.

By Daniella Shapiro 27 Aug 2018

4 golden packaging rules for digital nomads

If your business model is still trying to catch up with what millennials want in packaging, you are going to get left behind by a new generation of digital nomads...

10 Aug 2018

SA consumers consolidate spend by shopping less across fewer categories

South African shoppers, beset by a storm of rising prices, are making fewer trips to grocery stores and have dropped an unprecedented three grocery categories from their shopping basket...

3 Aug 2018

Private label rises above SA's competitive trading environment

Now that the 'Ramaphoria' dust has settled, retailers and manufacturers are needing to come to terms with the fact that GDP growth is stagnant, and as a result, consumer confidence and sales have remained low...

By Lauren Hartzenberg 1 Aug 2018

5 ways bricks-and-mortar shops can survive the onslaught of e-commerce

Rarely a week goes by without news of a household high street name shutting up shop or closing stores. The rise of online shopping is widely blamed for the demise of traditional retail...

By Claire McCamley 31 Jul 2018

#MobileCommerce: E-commerce starts to connect with South African consumers

With the rise of e-commerce in South Africa taking some bold steps during the last few weeks with the merger of Superbalist and Spree, it seems that mobile e-commerce may finally be on a path to reaching its full potential...

By Gareth Paterson 24 Jul 2018

#Apex2018: Are we human or are we brands?

Musa Kalenga, chief future officer at the House of Brave, opened the Association for Communication and Advertising's Apex 'Next Level of Thinking Masterclass' last week where he spoke about the shifts that are taking place and why he believes we ought to solve real human problems before we think like brands...

By Jessica Tennant 24 Jul 2018

#MobileCommerce: The growth of mobile shopping in South Africa

E-commerce is going from strength to strength in South Africa, more and more consumers are gaining confidence in making online purchases that are not solely limited to the likes of books, CDs, electronics, airline tickets and the like...

By Graham Du Plessis 13 Jul 2018

The future of retail: Clicks, bricks and data-driven insights

Over the last 15 years, technology has reshaped the face of global retail. With billions of people spending more time online each day, the way we buy things has evolved...

By Sarah Quinlan 13 Jul 2018

#MobileCommerce: Understanding payment trends to ensure customers get what they want

Startup companies are faced with a number of challenges before they even begin trading. Market research and designing an excellent customer journey are important, but ensuring your customer has a payment option...

By Brendon Williamson 12 Jul 2018

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