City of Cape Town to recruit 100 rail enforcement officers

The City of Cape Town's Mayoral Committee has approved the appointment of 100 law enforcement officers who will serve in the dedicated Rail Enforcement Unit...

2 Aug 2018

SA Taxi aims to empower females in the taxi industry

SA Taxi continues to empower female entrepreneurs in the minibus taxi industry...

2 Aug 2018

Car-sharing apps are actually quite vulnerable to cyberattacks

Kaspersky Lab researchers have examined the security of 13 car-sharing applications, developed by major manufacturers from different markets which have been downloaded over one million times...

25 Jul 2018

Nairobi is planning car-free days. They could bring many benefits

Kenya's capital, Nairobi, is the second most congested city in the world. To reduce congestion, Nairobi County has proposed car-free Wednesdays and Saturdays in two of the busiest parts of the city...

By Haneen Khreis and Mark Nieuwenhuijsen 10 Jul 2018

Staff Bus Nigeria wins Step startup competition

Staff Bus Nigeria (, a tech startup solving the challenges of daily commuters in Lagos, was crowned the overall winner of the Seyi Tinubu Empowerment Project (Step), Lagos Edition...

2 Jul 2018

Plans unveiled for new cable car line in Amsterdam

UNStudio has unveiled plans for a new one-and-a-half-kilometre cable car line and stations, connecting two growing residential areas of Amsterdam...

27 Jun 2018

Dodoma signs for major bus terminal

Dodoma City Council (DCC) has announced that it will sign a contract to start construction of its major bus terminal at Nzuguni area, some 20km from the city centre en route to Dar es Salaam...

26 Jun 2018

Why smart transportation is a game changer for Africa

Many of the approaches and technologies which combine to form a smart city are being applied from Cape Town through to Cairo...

By Sherry Zameer 22 Jun 2018

How traffic signals favour cars and discourage walking

Traffic signals give priority to motor vehicles over pedestrians. This inequality undermines many of the stated goals of transport, health and environment policy...

By David Levinson 14 Jun 2018

Traffic is complex, but modelling using deceptively simple rules can help unravel what's going on

It seems there's an equation for everything in life. But in today's fast-shifting society, many problems are too complex to model with a single equation. So how do we deal with complex phenomena such as traffic?

By Yohan Kim, Jay Falletta and Scott Kelly 13 Jun 2018

Leveraging the power of urbanisation to seize opportunities

Rapid population growth and urbanisation of African cities will see nearly 350 million new city-dwellers by 2030, and a billion more by 2063[1]...

11 Jun 2018

Growing cities face challenges of keeping the masses moving up, down and across

Cities worldwide face the problems and possibilities of "volume": the stacking and moving of people and things within booming central business districts. We see this especially around mass public transport hubs...

By Andrea Connor and Donald McNeill 8 Jun 2018

Prasa appoints new group CEO

The Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) has appointed Sibusiso Sithole as its new group CEO for a period of 12 months effective from 1 June 2018...

5 Jun 2018

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