Reppie thermal plant. Photo: Cambridge Industries
Africa's bumpy road to sustainable energy

Sub-Saharan Africa produces approximately 62-million tonnes of waste per year, including plastic waste, according to the World Bank...

By Eleni Mourdoukoutas 2 days ago

Tebogo Movundlela, CEO: Aurora WindPower, Thabane Zule director-general: Department of Energy and Brenda Martin, CEO: Sawea.
Wind industry commits to transformation and socio-economic development

South Africa has possibly the most transparent renewable energy independent producer programmes in the world...

By Nicci Botha 9 Nov 2018

#AOW2018: Sudan poised for second boom

Years of civil war has seen Sudan's lucrative oil industry shrink to virtually nothing...

By Nicci Botha 9 Nov 2018

Wind turbines aren't quite 'apex predators', but the truth is far more interesting

Wind turbines are, it appears, everywhere. Even if you can't see some on the horizon on your way into work every day, it is hard to miss the continual news coverage...

By Jeroen Minderman 8 Nov 2018

#AOW2018: SA "aggressively" pursuing a new refinery with Saudis, Radebe says

South Africa's much mooted seventh refinery is on the way...

By Nicci Botha 7 Nov 2018

Unlock energy efficiency

South Africa's energy challenges have ensured that efficient energy use is a priority for most organisations. But how do companies respond to an issue that has a multitude of facets, many of which are in conflict?...

By Lisa Shaw, Issued by Cushman & Wakefield Excellerate 2 Nov 2018

Miga guarantees solar PV investments

Guarantees covering 90% of investments made by Scatec Solar ASA for constructing, ownership, operation and maintenance of six solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants in South Africa, have been issued by Miga...

2 Nov 2018

Floatovoltaics solve more than one sustainability challenge

According to the United Nations more than 300-million people in the sub-Saharan region live in a water-scarce environment.

31 Oct 2018

Home-owners to register their off-grid energy installations or face stiff penalties

The supply of electricity to the property may also be disconnected and only reconnected once the city is satisfied that the SSEG system is either disconnected, decommissioned or authorised...

31 Oct 2018

Why South Africa can't make a massive shift to renewables - yet

There's a lively debate raging in South Africa about the extent to which renewables should replace coal, particularly given the threat of climate change...

By Hartmut Winkler 25 Oct 2018

#IRP2018: Making the case for wind power

The South African Wind Energy Association (Sawea) cautions against the Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) excluding important real-world input assumptions...

24 Oct 2018

Corporate content should be part of your DNA

On the cusp of exciting and fruitful pan-African networking and trade, the time to make use of an unbiased B2B media showcase for all Africa's dynamic, entrepreneurial business communities is now...

Issued by 24 Oct 2018

#IRP2018: Defending the role of coal

South Africa's current draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is too ambitious and attempts to meet the targets will have serious consequences....

24 Oct 2018

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