Energy & Mining Trends 2019



A new way to curb nitrogen pollution: Regulate fertiliser producers, not just farmers

Reducing nitrogen pollution around the globe is an urgent environmental goal, but extremely challenging - in part because the main human source is agriculture...

By David Kanter 1 day ago

Going small: The alternative to renewable energy in Africa

Many parts of Africa are not on the grid, nor do they have sufficient renewable resources for a reliable power supply. Here small-scale biomass and hydrocarbon power generation plants are likely to play a valuable role...

16 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: What's happening in the African energy space?

Experts provide insight in to the emerging trends in African energy and infrastructure projects.

16 Jan 2019

Renewables will help power the future

South Africa's 2018 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) is evidence that the country is committed to producing clean energy - placing emphasis on renewable energy and gas resources...

14 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: Renewables are the game-changer in Africa

By 2035, 80% of both total global energy production and consumption will be in developing countries]...

7 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: What to watch out for on the global renewables scene

The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. What developments we can we expect from the solar and renewable energy sectors in 2019?

By Sven Lindström 7 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: Sawea takes its transformative vision forward

As a young Industry growing rapidly within South Africa's transition away from coal, the wind energy sector has recognised the need to be transformative from the outset...

By Brenda Martin 7 Jan 2019

Water conservation a top priority at Kangnas Wind Farm

While wind energy does not require water for its generation, a moderate amount is required during the construction phase...

31 Dec 2018

Politcal uncertainty - the only Achilles heel in SA's renewables marketability

Although most G20 countries, including several emerging countries, have enhanced their conditions for investments in low-carbon energy in the past year, more has to be undertaken in order to meet the Paris climate targets...

24 Dec 2018

#BestofBiz 2018: Energy & Mining

Discover the most read content on Bizcommunity's Energy & Mining site over the past year below...

18 Dec 2018

Eskom, AFD sign loan agreement

Eskom and the AFD have signed a R1.5bn loan agreement to support the electricity utility's investments in extending and strengthening its power transmission grid along the west coast

14 Dec 2018

SA increasing efforts on climate change

South Africa is scaling-up its current ambitious efforts to address climate change, says Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom...

13 Dec 2018

Madagascar: How to futureproof energy projects in face of political uncertainty

Madagascar has a new energy policy with the ambitious plan of providing universal access and energy security to its citizens by 2030. But this plan is not without its challenges...

By Nicci Botha 13 Dec 2018

Picket against new coal stations at energy summit

Energy Week South Africa, an international Gas Cooperation Summit, is currently taking place at the Westin Hotel, Cape Town. The summit focus is on gas, renewable energy and black industrialists in the energy sector....

By Yann Macherez 11 Dec 2018

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