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#BizTrends2019: Going green has never been more golden

The year 2018 was packed with environmental buzzwords. Sustainable, eco-friendly, low-carbon footprint, and upcycle are just some of the words that we are used to hearing in conversations with our clients, and for good reason...

By Kim Winstanley 1 day ago

New study reveals CT drought made 3 times more likely by climate change

Man-made climate change and its effect on rainfall made the drought in South Africa's Western Cape province over the past few years about three times more likely...

14 Jan 2019

New study released outlining key investment priorities for addressing climate change

SouthSouthNorth has released an independent study on the potential private sector investment priorities that support South Africa's climate change outcomes...

11 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: Climate paradox or progress?

2018 was a year of paradox. The scientific signals of global warming are significantly stronger. The frequency, intensity and cost of weather impacts escalates. But the backtracking and general malaise...

By Simon Clarke 7 Jan 2019

Microbial aromas might save crops from drought

If you've ever walked in a forest following the first rainfall after a dry spell, you would recall a sweet, fresh and powerfully evocative smell. This earthy-smelling substance is geosmin, a chemical released into the air by a soil-dwelling bacteria called actinomycetes...

By Ruth Schmidt 4 Jan 2019

EU, Mauritius step up partnership on climate change

The Government of Mauritius and the European Union held a High Level Policy Dialogue on Climate Change following the 2018 United Nations Climate Change Conference...

4 Jan 2019

How will climate change affect our eating habits in 30 years time?

Researchers and scientists say we'll need to intensify the use of drought-tolerant food sources such as seaweed and more...

By Taahirah Martin 3 Jan 2019

Want citizens to care about climate change? Write them a cheque

Climate scientists insist in a recent report that fundamental changes in how energy is consumed and supplied are urgently required to avoid serious damage to life and property...

By Abhishek Kar & Hisham Zerriffi 3 Jan 2019

Do climate policies 'kill jobs'? An economist on why they don't cause massive unemployment

Climate change will hammer the US economy unless there's swift action to rein in greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels, according to the latest National Climate Assessment report...

By Garth Heutel 28 Dec 2018

Politcal uncertainty - the only Achilles heel in SA's renewables marketability

Although most G20 countries, including several emerging countries, have enhanced their conditions for investments in low-carbon energy in the past year, more has to be undertaken in order to meet the Paris climate targets...

24 Dec 2018

6 African climate change science researchers awarded AIMS grants

The African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) recently announced the first cohort of the Small Research Grants in Climate Change Science...

24 Dec 2018

What's your beef? How 'carbon labels' can steer us towards environmentally friendly food choices

What did you have for dinner last night? Might you have made a different choice if you had a simple way to compare the environmental impacts of different foods?

By Adrian R. Camilleri, Dalia Patino-Echeverri and Ri 20 Dec 2018

Global warming has already raised the risk of more severe droughts in Cape Town

Between 2015 and 2017 South Africa's South Western Cape region experienced three of its lowest rainfall years on record...

By Mark New, Friederike Otto and Piotr Wolski 20 Dec 2018

Milestone charter sees fashion giants pledge to reduce emissions

The global fashion sector has increased momentum to address climate change by launching the Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action. Premier fashion brands, retailers, and supplier organisations have agreed...

19 Dec 2018

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