What SMEs should know before paying a cyber ransom

Increasingly, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are becoming the target of cyberattacks, yet most are still completely unprotected...

2 days ago

Don't make your data compliance pop - make it POPIA

Right now, data compliance is top of mind for practically every South African business, and for good reason...

By Daniel Lotter 3 days ago

Practices for financial services sector to protect itself against DDoS attacks

South Africa's financial services sector is widely acknowledged to be both sophisticated and sound, backed by technology...

3 days ago

Cyber-espionage group uses popular messenger's brand for targeted attacks

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a wave of cyber-espionage targeted attacks aimed at Central Asian diplomatic organisations...

16 Oct 2018

The best Biz summer holiday (content) package ever!

Feeling a bit state-capsized, swept along by more waves than a cryptocurrency chart? Here are some life-saving festive content ideas...

Issued by Bizcommunity.com 15 Oct 2018

SAFPS finds that Protection of Information Act leaves loopholes for fraudsters

As the rate of identity theft accelerates, some have asked how information becomes available to companies...

12 Oct 2018

Closing the skills gap with cybersecurity training

To close the skills gap, organisations and academic institutions must take proactive measures...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 12 Oct 2018

Data breaches compromised 4.5 billion records

Gemalto released the latest findings of the Breach Level Index revealing 945 data breaches led to 4.5 billion data records being compromised worldwide in the first half of 2018...

11 Oct 2018

Ventureburn 2018 Startup Survey is here!

Ventureburn is proud to announce the launch of the 2018 Ventureburn Tech Startup Survey...

11 Oct 2018

Non-compliance: leading organisations down the rabbit hole

PwC's latest Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018 ranks South Africa as the second most targeted country in the world when it comes to cyber attacks...

By Simeon Tassev 10 Oct 2018

Basic cyber hygiene practices that go a long way

As mobile computing - especially using personal devices - becomes more common, the potential for network compromise is increasing...

By Doros Hadjizenonos 9 Oct 2018

Facebook releases statement on viral scam

NEWSWATCH: Facebook has warned of a new viral hoax message that is fooling users into thinking their account has been 'cloned' by cyber criminals and to forward on the message to all of their Facebook friends...

8 Oct 2018

The DNA of cybersecurity failure

Cybersecurity has become one of the most important aspects determining the safety of companies, governments and individuals in the modern age...

By Martin Potgieter 8 Oct 2018

Breaking through digital frontiers to achieve the exceptional

We stand at the precipice of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which promises to be the most globally impactful revolution to date...

8 Oct 2018

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