HR Trends 2019



#RecruitmentFocus: Workplace 2025 - where humans and machines coexist

The world is undergoing its biggest transformation ever. As emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) enter workplaces, human talent is grappling with an existential crisis.

By Ronnie Toerien 16 Jan 2019

Today is the only day you have to spend - today

VETTA Internationale is back to start another stellar year. They have a new logo and an international image. They're making each moment count as they train thousands across South Africa...

By Lionel Bourgeois, Issued by VETTA Internationale 15 Jan 2019

#FairnessFirst: Making workplace inclusion everybody's business

Microsoft has made inclusion every employee's responsibility in much the same manner as one eats the proverbial 'business elephant' - one bite at a time. Here's how your company can follow suit through encouraging accountability through heightened awareness, curiosity and courage...

By Leigh Andrews 14 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: Evolution of business coaching

Back in the early 90's, the concept of business coaching was born and because many people struggled to grasp what it actually was, it was pitched as 'something like consulting'. Today, business coaching is widely understood, well established, and a highly competitive industry that is growing globally...

By Pieter Scholtz 7 Jan 2019

#FairnessFirst: The secret to career success in 2019 and beyond

First week back at work for the year and already feeling stuck? Like you're just not progressing in your career? These tips from the Corinium Women in Digital and Data Forum may be what you need to read, to speak up and shine in 2019...

By Leigh Andrews 7 Jan 2019

#BizTrends2019: Five reasons to be optimistic about youth unemployment in 2019

Working in the youth employment sector, we have seen first-hand the struggles that youth face in trying to attain employment. The economic downturn and political uncertainty that has plagued 2018 has left many young people feeling sceptical and discouraged about finding employment...

By Jake Willis 7 Jan 2019

Do climate policies 'kill jobs'? An economist on why they don't cause massive unemployment

Climate change will hammer the US economy unless there's swift action to rein in greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels, according to the latest National Climate Assessment report...

By Garth Heutel 28 Dec 2018

#RecruitmentFocus: Collaboration is key to creating a successful C-suite

The 2018 Deloitte Human Capital Trends report found that the number one human capital issue identified by 51% of 11,000 respondents was 'C-suite collaboration'...

27 Dec 2018

#RecruitmentFocus: 6 new leadership roles emerging in business

The workplace of the future is here, changing rapidly, enabled by new tech and progressive thinking. As a result, a number of new senior leadership roles are emerging that companies must start incorporating into their leadership teams to position themselves competitively in coming years, an expert says.

24 Dec 2018

#RecruitmentFocus: Workforce planning - designing jobs for the future

Aon's Talent, Rewards and Performance white paper, Unlocking the power in your people, emphasises that the digital talent gap is not a challenge left for future chief human resource officers...

21 Dec 2018

4 ways to hone your digital communication skills

The digital landscape has turned created a whole new world of communication possibilities and turned traditional methods on its head - not only in general life but in business too...

20 Dec 2018

#RecruitmentFocus: 5 tips for landing your first job

With South Africa in the grips of graduation fever, and the soon-to-be capped proudly displaying their achievement on social media, the reality of the challenges associated with one's first job search will soon set in for many...

19 Dec 2018

Win big boost to further your career

What do you need to help you get ahead in your career? Leading local job portal Careers24 is inviting South Africans to tell them, and stand a chance of winning a big boost in their #FashionYourCareer project...

Issued by Careers24 19 Dec 2018

#RecruitmentFocus: Jobs and skills in the fourth industrial revolution

As the digital age transforms the way in which people live, it will also have an impact on the economy and on jobs. New trades with new skills will be created and some jobs that are currently being done by humans will be replaced by automated systems...

By Amukelani Chauke 18 Dec 2018

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