Using IoT to solve the healthcare puzzle

Footprint Africa Business Solutions has moved from IoT development into healthcare by creating Doc-in-a-box...

1 day ago

Hi-tech lung cancer lab to benefit all

If the country is to reduce its high cancer statistics, the public would have to be educated about the illness...

2 Aug 2018

Medical implant sector ripe for 3D printing disruption

Medical technology which is often expensive at the time of market entry becomes cheaper over time. But 3D printing in medicine has started to revolutionise the field...

27 Jul 2018

Solving Africa's healthcare logistics problems with AI

AI, in the form of IBM Watson, is being used to aid decision making in public health supply chains and improve patients' access to medicines...

20 Jul 2018

Cracking the cold chain challenge is key to making vaccines ubiquitous

Over the years vaccines have prevented countless cases of disease and saved millions of lives...

16 Jul 2018

Study: Leadless pacemakers create fewer complications

A study comparing patient outcomes for those fitted with new leadless pacemakers compared with more conventional transvenous designs has shown that the latter are successfully reducing the number of short- and mid-term complications.

9 Jul 2018

Collectable coins celebrate home-grown CT scan

The South African's Mint's 2018 South African Inventions coin series celebrates the computed tomography scan, or CT (cat) scan, a medical technology developed by South African-born Allan McLeod Cormack...

3 Jul 2018

Egyptian e-health startup ElBalto launches mobile consultation service

Egyptian startup ElBalto has launched a mobile application that provides users with easy, reliable, timely and affordable online video consultations via a network of customer-rated and licensed doctors...

By Tom Jackson 27 Jun 2018

Malaria testing device wins top prize for young Ugandan

When no less than three blood tests failed to diagnose his malaria, Brian Gitta decided to come up with a better option...

21 Jun 2018

What data can do for healthcare

The recent listeriosis outbreak is a good example of the gaps in data collection in South Africa's healthcare system...

18 Jun 2018

Students develop diagnosis app for deaf people

Cost-effective solutions to help deaf people navigate healthcare in developing countries is exactly what Banele Mhlongo and Vuma Mthembu are trying to achieve with the app they are developing...

15 Jun 2018

Customising knee implants for a better fit

Knee implants are often the remedy for osteoarthritis, but if the device does not fit properly, it can result in tissue damage, the underlying bone collapsing, the implant loosening and an increased likelihood of joint pain after an operation...

14 Jun 2018

UCT engineers design affordable, efficient auto-injector

Biomedical engineers from the Medical Devices Lab at UCT have developed a reloadable auto-injector, which will have a huge impact for end users with vials of adrenaline available for a fraction of the cost..

29 May 2018

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